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Wednesday 15 May


IND1 - Digital Trends in Automotive 2019 and how BMW is driving customer centricity

Adobe Breakout Room 5

Axel G. Heyenga / Christoph Filser

IND2 - The rise of Direct to Consumer: How technology and people are driving transformation in Media and Communications

Adobe Breakout Room 6

Scott Joslin / Dan Britcher / Albert Hogan

IND3 - Make experience your business: Digital transformation in Financial Services

Adobe Breakout Room 7

Helmut Tautz / Michael Plimsoll / Mitchell Partoglou / Anthony Coviello

IND4 - Personalisation, data and the experience business of travel

Adobe Breakout Room 10

Julie Hoffmann / Cathy Thomson / Chao Zheng

IND5 - The Digital Transformation journey of a diversified retailer

Adobe Breakout Room 11

Michael Klein / Devid Dekegel

IND6 - B2B excellence in the experience era

Adobe Breakout Room 1

Jesper Olesen / Jill Steinhour


Digital Trends in Automotive 2019 and how BMW is driving customer centricity

“Netflixication of the Car” and “How the purchase of the car will mark the beginning and not the end of sale” are just some of the insights given by the Key Digital Trends in Automotive conducted by Frost & Sullivan. Besides this trends sneak, learn from BMW directly how this premium brand applies data, advanced analytics and marketing automation to achieve a customer-centric lifecycle approach. You will hear from our customer how they are aligning the global organisation in becoming fully customer-centric and delivering the Next Best Offer/ Next Best Action to their customers and prospects. BMW will describe the three key success factors for a Next Best Offer / Next Best Activity approach. 

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Digital Trends in Automotive 2019 and how BMW is driving customer centricity

“Netflixication of the Car” and “How the purchase of the car will mark the beginning and not the end of sale” are just some of the insights given by the Key Digital Trends in Automotive conducted by Frost & Sullivan. Besides this trends sneak, learn from BMW directly how this premium brand applies data, advanced analytics and marketing automation to achieve a customer-centric lifecycle approach. You will hear from our customer how they are aligning the global organisation in becoming fully customer-centric and delivering the Next Best Offer/ Next Best Action to their customers and prospects. BMW will describe the three key success factors for a Next Best Offer / Next Best Activity approach. 

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The rise of Direct to Consumer: How technology and people are driving transformation in Media and Communications

Technology and consumer behaviour are forcing media companies to diversify their product offerings, reimagine user experience and re-evaluate omnichannel strategy. Building a profitable direct to consumer business across the subscription and advertising supply chain not only requires investment in technology and data but also in the people, skills, processes and organisational structure that can support effective delivery of digital products and services that are truly customer centric. At stake: remaining relevant and valuable to consumers in a highly competitive and increasingly crowded space.

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The rise of Direct to Consumer: How technology and people are driving transformation in Media and Communications

Technology and consumer behaviour are forcing media companies to diversify their product offerings, reimagine user experience and re-evaluate omnichannel strategy. Building a profitable direct to consumer business across the subscription and advertising supply chain not only requires investment in technology and data but also in the people, skills, processes and organisational structure that can support effective delivery of digital products and services that are truly customer centric. At stake: remaining relevant and valuable to consumers in a highly competitive and increasingly crowded space.

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The rise of Direct to Consumer: How technology and people are driving transformation in Media and Communications

Technology and consumer behaviour are forcing media companies to diversify their product offerings, reimagine user experience and re-evaluate omnichannel strategy. Building a profitable direct to consumer business across the subscription and advertising supply chain not only requires investment in technology and data but also in the people, skills, processes and organisational structure that can support effective delivery of digital products and services that are truly customer centric. At stake: remaining relevant and valuable to consumers in a highly competitive and increasingly crowded space.

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Make experience your business: Digital transformation in Financial Services

At the heart of digital transformation is the consumer, and the focal point of meeting the evolving needs and demands of the consumer is experience. 

The aspiration of every financial services institution is to demonstrate how well it understands the needs of its customers through highly relevant and engaging digital experiences. But to do so, the organisation must not only connect various internal systems and a range of diverse channels, but connect emotionally with customers. This is a daunting challenge for large, complex organisations that are highly regulated and offer a wide range of products, services and channels. 

This session takes a broad look at transformation initiatives that involve people, processes, as well as technology. Join us as we present: 

  • The latest trends from the 2019 Adobe financial services digital marketing survey, including people, process and organisational trends
  • Perspectives from leading financial institutions, including Allianz and National Australia Bank, on their experiences, challenges and successes in digital
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Make experience your business: Digital transformation in Financial Services

At the heart of digital transformation is the consumer, and the focal point of meeting the evolving needs and demands of the consumer is experience. 

The aspiration of every financial services institution is to demonstrate how well it understands the needs of its customers through highly relevant and engaging digital experiences. But to do so, the organisation must not only connect various internal systems and a range of diverse channels, but connect emotionally with customers. This is a daunting challenge for large, complex organisations that are highly regulated and offer a wide range of products, services and channels. 

This session takes a broad look at transformation initiatives that involve people, processes, as well as technology. Join us as we present: 

  • The latest trends from the 2019 Adobe financial services digital marketing survey, including people, process and organisational trends
  • Perspectives from leading financial institutions, including Allianz and National Australia Bank, on their experiences, challenges and successes in digital
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Make experience your business: Digital transformation in Financial Services

At the heart of digital transformation is the consumer, and the focal point of meeting the evolving needs and demands of the consumer is experience. 

The aspiration of every financial services institution is to demonstrate how well it understands the needs of its customers through highly relevant and engaging digital experiences. But to do so, the organisation must not only connect various internal systems and a range of diverse channels, but connect emotionally with customers. This is a daunting challenge for large, complex organisations that are highly regulated and offer a wide range of products, services and channels. 

This session takes a broad look at transformation initiatives that involve people, processes, as well as technology. Join us as we present: 

  • The latest trends from the 2019 Adobe financial services digital marketing survey, including people, process and organisational trends
  • Perspectives from leading financial institutions, including Allianz and National Australia Bank, on their experiences, challenges and successes in digital
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Make experience your business: Digital transformation in Financial Services

At the heart of digital transformation is the consumer, and the focal point of meeting the evolving needs and demands of the consumer is experience. 

The aspiration of every financial services institution is to demonstrate how well it understands the needs of its customers through highly relevant and engaging digital experiences. But to do so, the organisation must not only connect various internal systems and a range of diverse channels, but connect emotionally with customers. This is a daunting challenge for large, complex organisations that are highly regulated and offer a wide range of products, services and channels. 

This session takes a broad look at transformation initiatives that involve people, processes, as well as technology. Join us as we present: 

  • The latest trends from the 2019 Adobe financial services digital marketing survey, including people, process and organisational trends
  • Perspectives from leading financial institutions, including Allianz and National Australia Bank, on their experiences, challenges and successes in digital
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Personalisation, data and the experience business of travel

Consumer expectations are rising and the next generation of travellers have accepted that effective technology, IoT and cognitive services, are working in the background to improve their experiences. Mastering the art of the possible, Travel Brands are solving these real-life business challenges while continuing to evolve the customer experience on site, off site and in trip. The best are becoming an “Experience Business”. They operate as data driven organisations and have captured the value of personalisation at scale by using AI and machine learning. Learn what 25% of travel brands have changed to double their revenue. Plus, an exciting Travel & Hospitality sneak of our new Hotel Customer Journey and how data is evangelised to personalise at scale.

Join us as we present:

  •  2019 Next Generation Traveller Research
  • Perspectives from data driven travel brands on their experiences and journey to solve business challenges in unique and inspiring ways
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Personalisation, data and the experience business of travel

Consumer expectations are rising and the next generation of travellers have accepted that effective technology, IoT and cognitive services, are working in the background to improve their experiences. Mastering the art of the possible, Travel Brands are solving these real-life business challenges while continuing to evolve the customer experience on site, off site and in trip. The best are becoming an “Experience Business”. They operate as data driven organisations and have captured the value of personalisation at scale by using AI and machine learning. Learn what 25% of travel brands have changed to double their revenue. Plus, an exciting Travel & Hospitality sneak of our new Hotel Customer Journey and how data is evangelised to personalise at scale.

Join us as we present:

  •  2019 Next Generation Traveller Research
  • Perspectives from data driven travel brands on their experiences and journey to solve business challenges in unique and inspiring ways
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Personalisation, data and the experience business of travel

Consumer expectations are rising and the next generation of travellers have accepted that effective technology, IoT and cognitive services, are working in the background to improve their experiences. Mastering the art of the possible, Travel Brands are solving these real-life business challenges while continuing to evolve the customer experience on site, off site and in trip. The best are becoming an “Experience Business”. They operate as data driven organisations and have captured the value of personalisation at scale by using AI and machine learning. Learn what 25% of travel brands have changed to double their revenue. Plus, an exciting Travel & Hospitality sneak of our new Hotel Customer Journey and how data is evangelised to personalise at scale.

Join us as we present:

  •  2019 Next Generation Traveller Research
  • Perspectives from data driven travel brands on their experiences and journey to solve business challenges in unique and inspiring ways
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The Digital Transformation journey of a diversified retailer

Famous for food retailing the Colruyt Group consists of over forty brands serving consumers and businesses in non-food, fuel, wholesale and foodservice. In this session you’ll hear how the organisation has built the foundation for personalisation at scale; online and offline, across their portfolio of brands. Devid will outline how Colruyt started their journey several years ago, where they’ve invested in the Adobe Experience Cloud and what they’ve learned along the way in driving relevant experiences across the customer journey.

Join us as we present:

  • The latest trends from Adobe Retail and Consumer digital marketing surveys
  • Closing the gap between Data Science / Web Analytics / Digital Platforms
  • The role of Adobe Experience Cloud in advancing digital initiatives and accelerating transformation
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The Digital Transformation journey of a diversified retailer

Famous for food retailing the Colruyt Group consists of over forty brands serving consumers and businesses in non-food, fuel, wholesale and foodservice. In this session you’ll hear how the organisation has built the foundation for personalisation at scale; online and offline, across their portfolio of brands. Devid will outline how Colruyt started their journey several years ago, where they’ve invested in the Adobe Experience Cloud and what they’ve learned along the way in driving relevant experiences across the customer journey.

Join us as we present:

  • The latest trends from Adobe Retail and Consumer digital marketing surveys
  • Closing the gap between Data Science / Web Analytics / Digital Platforms
  • The role of Adobe Experience Cloud in advancing digital initiatives and accelerating transformation
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B2B excellence in the experience era

B2B organisations understand well the power of customer experiences and are raising the bar by following best CX practices across technology, people and process pillars. The investments in CX made by these Experience-Driven businesses are paying off as EDBs outperform others across the entire customer lifecycle.

Join Jill Steinhour, director High Tech Industry Strategy at Adobe and Jesper Olesen, senior director, Digital Customer Excellence at Grundfos to hear about new approaches and best practices in B2B.

In this session you will learn:

  • What defines an Experience Driven Businesses and how EDBs outperform
  • How a major pump manufacturer uses Design Thinking to make their experiences flow
  • Best practices for developing a digital customer roadmap
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B2B excellence in the experience era

B2B organisations understand well the power of customer experiences and are raising the bar by following best CX practices across technology, people and process pillars. The investments in CX made by these Experience-Driven businesses are paying off as EDBs outperform others across the entire customer lifecycle.

Join Jill Steinhour, director High Tech Industry Strategy at Adobe and Jesper Olesen, senior director, Digital Customer Excellence at Grundfos to hear about new approaches and best practices in B2B.

In this session you will learn:

  • What defines an Experience Driven Businesses and how EDBs outperform
  • How a major pump manufacturer uses Design Thinking to make their experiences flow
  • Best practices for developing a digital customer roadmap
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Abhay Parasnis

Abhay has always been fascinated with how things work - from gadgets to hardware and software. His early passion for tinkering paved the way for his commitment to tech innovation and formed the basis of his core belief: Continuous reinvention is how businesses disrupt and lead. At Adobe, Abhay is applying that same desire to disrupt and lead to the company’s technology strategy, bringing fresh ideas and insight to initiatives across cloud platform, mobility, data science and ecosystems. Before joining Adobe in 2015, Abhay led teams at IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, i2 and Kony and contributed to more than 20 patents. If Abhay were not at Adobe, he would spend time hiking mountains and canyons pursuing landscape photography.


Amal Clooney
International Human Rights Attorney

Amal Clooney is a barrister who specialises in international law and human rights. She represents clients before international courts including the International Criminal Court, the International Court of Justice and the European Court of Human Rights. Alongside court work, she provides advice to governments and individuals on legal issues in her areas of expertise.
Ms Clooney is ranked in the leading legal directories Chambers and Partners and Legal 500 as one of the top lawyers in the UK in the fields of international human rights and international criminal law. According to the rankings she is "an exceptional lawyer” and "focused advocate” who “attracts plaudits for her ability to handle complex [international criminal] proceedings in difficult cases”. Ms Clooney served as a senior advisor to Kofi Annan when he was the UN’s Envoy on Syria and as Counsel to the UN Inquiry on the use of armed drones. She has also been appointed to the UK Attorney General’s expert panel set up to advise and represent the UK government in cases involving public international law.
Ms Clooney is currently counsel for Reuters and for Wa Lone and Kyaw Soe Oo, two journalists convicted and sentenced to 7 years imprisonment in Myanmar following their reporting on crimes committed against the Rohingya minority by the Myanmar forces. She also represents a group of Iraqi victims seeking accountability for genocide and other atrocities perpetrated by ISIS against the Yazidi community.  
Ms Clooney is also a  Visiting Professor at Columbia Law School, where she co-teaches the Human Rights course with Professor Sarah Cleveland. She is co-author of a forthcoming  book titled ‘The Right to a Fair Trial in International Law’ to be published by Oxford University Press. And in 2016 she and her husband George established the Clooney Foundation for Justice to advance justice in courtrooms, classrooms and communities around the world.

Jane Moran
Global CIO

Recognised as the first woman to top Computer Weekly’s ranking of the 100 most influential people in technology, Jane Moran is the CIO for Unilever. Jane leads the global IT organisation, driving strategy, implementation and support for the internal and external business technology applications, platforms, networks and data centres. She has developed an integrated, long-term IT strategy that leverages the scale of the organisation and technology partnerships, as well as focusing on talent development and diversity.

Jane’s passion for technology comes from her roots as a developer. At the beginning of her career, Jane built financial portfolio management and trading software applications. She was an IT consultant to Fortune 500 companies for a number of years which included implementing large scale ERP and CRM platforms. She has held CIO posts for the past 17 years, and has been Unilever’s Global CIO since June 2014, and prior to this she was Group CIO at Thomson Reuters.

Outside of Unilever Jane is a very active member of the global technology community. She holds a non-executive director position with JP Morgan Securities PLC, is an advisory board member of Brown University’s Committee for Computer Science and Information Technology, and a board member for Brown University’s Executive Master in Science and Technology Leadership.

Jane works and lives in London with her husband and two sons.

Paul Robson
President, EMEA

As Adobe President of Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA), Paul leads strategy and business operations across the region.  

Paul’s vision for how technology fuels growth through stand-out customer experiences has seen him work with some of the largest companies in the world to deliver digital transformation strategies in fast-paced and highly complex economies.  

He joined Adobe in 2011 and in 2014 became President of Asia Pacific (APAC). During his tenure, Paul established and built APAC’s digital experience business and the region experienced significant growth and expanded into new markets, including India and China. Prior to his time at Adobe, Paul was Vice President and General Manager for HP’s Networking Division across Asia Pacific and Japan. 

Paul is a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors and has held Non-Executive Director roles on the boards of the Association for Data-Driven Marketing and Advertising (ADMA), Tresillian, the Royal Society for the Welfare of Mothers and Babies, and the Investment Advisory Board of Alchemy Ventures. 

Paul holds a Diploma in Market Research, a Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing and a Graduate Diploma in International Business.


Massimiliano Pogliani

Massimiliano Pogliani was appointed as chief executive officer of illycaffè in May 2016, after 20 years of marketing, commercial and retail experience, acquired in leading companies with premium and luxury brands. Milanese, with long professional experience abroad, and graduated cum laude in Economics at Cattolica University in Milan. He has post-degree education from the London Business School and the IMD Business School in Lausanne. After some initial professional experiences, he joined Saeco International Group as head of Global Marketing, acting also as member of the IPO team for the company listing at Milan Stock Exchange. 

In 2003, he began his experience in the Swiss headquarters of Nestlé Nespresso SA. As head of International Retail & Customer Management, he handled the growth of the Nespresso Boutiques at a global level, customer service (Nespresso Club) and trade marketing. From 2008 to 2012, he was first chief commercial & marketing officer and then CEO of Nestlé Super Premium SA, a division of Nestlé created to speed up the expansion of some Nestlé brands in the super premium consumer segment.

In 2012 he moved to England to join Vertu, called in by the private equity fund, EQT. In Vertu, leader in the luxury mobile phone segment, he was first chief marketing officer and then CEO, successfully transforming the company till it was sold to a new investor.


Eddie Redmayne


Eddie Redmayne is an actor working on both stage and screen. He was most recently seen playing Newt Scamander in the second instalment of JK Rowling's Fantastic Beasts series. Eddie's other recent film work includes Tom Hooper's The Danish Girl and James Marsh's The Theory of Everything in which he played the late Stephen Hawking. He was Academy Award nominated for both films and won for The Theory of Everything in 2015. Later this year he will be reunited with his Theory of Everything co-star Felicity Jones in The Aeronauts, a unique story inspired by true events about a record breaking attempt to fly into the stratosphere in a gas balloon in the late 19th century. Eddie's theatre work includes Richard II (Donmar Warehouse), The Goat or Who is Sylvia (Almeida/West End) and Red (Donmar Warehouse) for which he won a Tony Award and an Olivier Award.  

Eddie is a patron of the Motor Neuron Disease Association, Teenage Cancer Trust and Into Film, a charity putting film at the heart of the educational and personal development of young people across the UK.

Anjul Bhambhri
VP Platform Engineering

Anjul Bhambhri is vice president of Platform Engineering at Adobe. In her role, Anjul leads Adobe Experience Platform strategy, development and technology partnerships with Microsoft Azure. Anjul has nearly three decades of experience in enterprise technology development with a focus on establishing industry leadership in big data, databases and analytics. She has launched technology ventures within mature companies, growing them into global organisations with significant revenue streams and spent 14 years at IBM, most recently serving as vice president of Engineering for the Big Data and Analytics Platform. Anjul was ranked #8 in on Business Insider’s “Most Powerful Female Engineers” list in 2018 and in 2013, selected by Strata Today as “Your Top Picks” in the Women in Data category, and YWCA of Silicon Valley “Tribute to Women” award in 2009.


Ash Roots
Managing Director of Digital, BT Consumer

Ash is a creative and commercial senior leader with more than 17 years of experience helping start-up and established companies take advantage of the internet to drive financial and customer goals. Across websites, applications, social-media, mobile and digital content, he has been responsible for transforming businesses by creating great people orientated digital products and services.



Emily Maitlis

Emily Maitlis is an award winning broadcaster and lead presenter on Newsnight - the BBC’s flagship current affairs programme on BBC 2. She is part of the core presenting team for BBC elections both here and in the United States.

Emily is hugely respected for the integrity of her documentaries, most recently with, Expenses: The Scandal That Changed Britain, which takes a look into the parliamentary expenses scandal that rocked Westminster and how 10 years later the impact it had on public trust is still relevant to daily politics. Her BBC2 documentary, ‘Inside Facebook: Zuckerberg’s $100 Billion Gamble’ featured an exclusive television interview with Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. She has interviewed numerous figures from the world of politics, sports and the arts, including Bill Clinton, the Dalai Lama, Marine Le Pen, David Beckham, Kofi Annan, Hugh Grant, Michael Caine, Juliette Binoche, Julian Assange and Christine Lagarde.

She covered 18 months of the US presidential primaries and campaign, and has interviewed Donald Trump a number of times as well as the last five UK Prime Ministers. Emily was named as the Network Presenter of the Year at the RTS Television Journalism Awards 2019. She previously won the London Press Club ‘Broadcast Journalist of the Year’ Award for her work on Newsnight and the Wincott business award for her documentary with Mark Zuckerberg (‘Inside Facebook’).

Emily has written for GQ, The Sunday Times and the Spectator Magazine as well as the Guardian, Evening Standard and the New Statesman. She has travelled extensively and speaks basic Mandarin as well as fluent French, Spanish and Italian. In her spare time enjoys running marathons in odd parts of the world.

Steve Lucas
SVP, Digital Experience

Steve joined Marketo as the chief executive officer in November 2016. Steve is an experienced executive with more than 25 years of experience in enterprise software. Prior to joining Marketo, he served in many leadership positions at SAP, Salesforce, Microsoft, BusinessObjects and Crystal Decisions. He has co-chaired various government technology leadership initiatives, including the TechAmerica Big Data commission. Steve is also a board member at the American Diabetes Association (ADA) and TiVo. Steve holds a Bachelor of Science in Business from the University of Colorado. His most recent accomplishments includes the soon to be published book, Engage to Win: A Blueprint for Success in the Engagement Economy, on September 18, 2018.


Jack Whitehall

Actor, Writer, Stand-up comedian

As an actor, writer, stand-up comedian and host, Jack Whitehall has established himself as one of the UK’s most exciting talents. 

Jack has most recently been seen in Lasse Hallstrom's The Nutcracker and The Four Realms with Keira Knightley, Helen Mirren and Morgan Freeman. He is also due to star in Disney's upcoming Jungle Cruise, with Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt, which is currently in production and will be released in 2020. Jack's previous film work includes Garry Marshall’s Mother’s Day opposite Julia Roberts and Jennifer Garner in 2016, and The Bad Education Movie in 2015, which Jack also wrote.

On television, Jack stars alongside his father, Michael Whitehall, in Travels With My Father, Season 2, which premiered on Netflix in 2018. In 2019, he will star in Good Omens with Jon Hamm and Michael Sheen and Amazon and Bounty Hunters opposite Rosie Perez for Sky Television (UK).

As a stand-up comedian, Jack has completed two sell out arena tours: Jack Whitehall Gets Around in 2014 and Jack Whitehall: At Large 2017- his second tour premiered on Netflix in 2017.

Jack hosted the 2019 BRIT Awards, following his successful debut in 2018. His television credits include: Backchat, A League of Their Own (which received a BAFTA Award in 2014 for ‘Best Comedy Entertainment Program’, Stand Up for the Week and Live at the Apollo. Jack also filmed Training Days for Google in 2018, where he travelled the world to interview international football stars. The series was released in the lead up to the 2018 World Cup on his own YouTube channel.

Edith Bowman


Fife born Edith Bowman has worked as a TV and Radio broadcaster for over 20 years. Her radio work has spanned all the major stations, presenting shows on BBC Radio 1, 2, 6 and 5Live as well as Virgin Radio. As a TV host she has fronted shows for BBC, Channel 4, Sky Arts, MTV and the list goes on.

From hosting music festival coverage, the BAFTA Scotland Awards & BAFTA Awards to presenting dozens of movie premieres Edith has incorporated her genuine passion for, and in-depth knowledge of, music and film in to her work. In 2016 she launched her own podcast “Soundtracking” allowing her to combine these two loves – ARIAS winner Soundtracking has become the go to music and film podcast where you can hear Edith talk to directors, producers, actors, writers and composers about their relationship with music both professionally and personally.

Jamie Brighton
Head of Product & Industry Marketing EMEA

Jamie has worked in digital marketing for 20 years, 12 of those with Adobe helping clients implement and adopt optimisation, personalisation and behavioural targeting. He has experience client, agency and vendor-side and has worked in digital marketing for Adobe in EMEA and APAC, covering the South East Asia region.

In his current role, Jamie heads up the product and industry marketing team for the Adobe Experience Cloud in EMEA. His current areas of focus include personalisation, AI and the role of technology in delivering superior customer experiences.




Priya Lakhani OBE
Founder & CEO
Century Tech

Priya Lakhani is an entrepreneur who has founded a food business, a social enterprise, and now leads a company developing the latest artificial intelligence and big data technology to understand how the brain learns.

Having trained as a barrister, Priya left the security of the legal profession to pursue her passion for business. She founded the Masala Masala food brand and built it from a kitchen table idea to a line of products stocked in major supermarkets. After this initial success she went on establish a charity based on the model that for every unit of a product sold, a life changing item was donated (for example, a meal, a vaccination) to those in need. Priya’s next business, Century Tech, is a company bringing together AI, neuroscience and education. Century’s aim is to measure and simulate brain responses to tuition, analyse what works for whom and how, and ultimately produce personalised learning. By understanding how the brain learns and responds, educators can receive real-time insights, tailoring the learning experience and improving student performance.

In presentations, Priya looks at the cutting-edge work her company are carrying out, and the lessons for training and education and as well as companies seeking to innovate and emulate the startup ethos. She speaks about her entrepreneurial experiences, especially as a nontechnical person running a tech business, and looks at what innovation is and how to embed it into a culture. She also tackles diversity, talent and culture within organisations and wider areas of skills, employment and the business environment. As well as starting businesses Priya has worked with government as a member of the Department of Business, Education and Skills’ Entrepreneur Forum. She is a regular contributor to BBC News’ and BBC World News’ review of global headlines. She has also advised a number of education and skills organisations, and was named as an Entrepreneur of the Year and in Management Today’s ’35 Women Under 35’ list.




Bruce Daisley

Bruce Daisley is the EMEA vice president of Twitter and best selling author of The Joy of Work. He joined the company in 2012 having previously run YouTube UK at Google. He has also worked at Emap/Bauer and Capital Radio.

Bruce runs the Apple #1 Business Chart topping podcast Eat Sleep Work Repeat on work culture. Bruce's book The Joy of Work has been a smash hit, it was the Sunday Times number one business bestseller in spring 2019, the Financial Times made it Book of the Month.



Cynthia Stoddard

As senior vice president and chief information officer of Adobe, Cynthia Stoddard oversees Adobe’s global Information Technology and Cloud Operations teams. In her leadership role, Cynthia spearheads a global strategy for delivering services and operations that form the mission-critical backbone for the company. She has 25-plus years of business experience and IT expertise leading large global organisations including Adobe, Netapp, Safeway, and APL Limited in supply chain, retail and technology development.




Jamie Anderson
EMEA President, Digital Experience
Marketo, an Adobe company

Jamie Anderson is EMEA President, Digital Experience at Marketo, an Adobe company, overseeing business operations across the region. Before joining Marketo in October 2017, he was Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at SAP Hybris, where he led marketing teams to drive customer engagement and business growth across several product portfolios. Prior to SAP, he held leadership roles at Adobe and Siebel. He is a recognised thought leader in the customer engagement and CRM space, and is a member of the CMO Council’s Europe Advisory Board. He holds a degree in computer information systems from Glasgow Caledonian University.




Claire Darley
Vice President, Digital Media Go to Market & Sales | EMEA

“Simply put, I have the best job in the world” is what you’ll often hear Claire Darley say. As Adobe’s VP for Digital Media, GTM & Sales in EMEA, Claire is relentlessly focused on building customer centric organisations, to deliver big commercial outcomes, driving transformational change and building world class teams. Claire leads the Go to Market and Sales organisation for Adobe’s Digital Media products and services selling to customers of all sizes across 125 markets in Europe, Middle East & Africa. She is ultimately responsible for delivering the number and driving shareholder value for Adobe – a pressure she thrives on. And as the EMEA business is ~$2Bn and growing in high double digits – it’s a good job she does!

“The variety of customer segments we are relevant to, and the difference between them keeps us all fresh”.  Essentially – anyone who has a need to create, digitise, review, share and collaborate. From hobbyists, students, designers, videographers, broadcasters, marketers, education institutions and businesses of all sizes. The routes to markets are also diverse. From Resellers, Field Sales, Telesales, Retail and across Adobe.com. With 80% of the business being Digital, understanding how to use data to drive actionable insight on is critical “if you’re not building local, relevant, timely and contextual experiences then you’re failing” she says.

Claire grew up in a small northern town in the UK – Scunthorpe. Leaving at 18 to go to University in London. She worked a number of jobs to pay for college, and in her 3rd year interned for IBM. “It was life changing. I realised for the first time how important customer relationships were”. Claire’s career has traversed Sales, Marketing & Commercial roles in IT & Telco for 25years. She joined Adobe in 2015 and before that led Multi Channel transformation at O2/Telefonica, and sales & marketing roles at Vodafone Global Enterprise & IBM.



Christian Roth
Telenor Sweden

Christian Roth was recently appointed CIO for Telenor Sweden, one of the leading mobile, broadband & TV providers in Sweden. Coming from a marketing background, Christian is focused on strengthening the business and customer focus throughout the IT-division as well as improving the collaboration with the marketing teams. In addition, there is a large BSS-transformation expected to be executed in the coming years. Prior to this role, Christian has held several positions in the Consumer division including leading the Consumer Mobile Marketing team and most recently held the role as Business Transformation Lead in Sweden. Christian holds a M.Sc. in Industrial Engineering and Management from Linköping Institute of Technology.


Peter Sheldon
Senior Director, Strategy
Magento, an Adobe Company

Peter is a well-known industry expert in eCommerce and omnichannel technology, having previously held the role of vice president and principal analyst at Forrester Research. He spent five years leading Forrester’s global research on digital commerce technologies, helping to challenge the thinking and lead change for eCommerce executives undertaking major digital transformation and commerce technology programs. Today Peter leads commerce strategy at Adobe.


Sarah Kennedy
Vice President of Global Marketing
Marketo, an Adobe company

Sarah joined Adobe as vice president of global marketing through the acquisition of Marketo in 2018. Previously, Sarah was Marketo’s chief marketing officer, leading the company’s world-class marketing team as it reinvented the Marketo brand, executed the company’s largest Marketing Nation Summit, rearchitected its own Marketo instance, and drove the growth that led to one of the MarTech industry’s biggest acquisitions. Prior to joining Marketo, Sarah spent ten years at Sabre Corporation, most recently as vice president of global marketing and general manager of digital experience.




Jonathan Schwarz
Senior Web Analyst & Product Manager Analytics

As the Web Analyst and Product Manager, Jonathan is responsible for making data valid and understandable for each department at SPIEGEL ONLINE. In his role, he has the opportunity to help shape the cultural and strategic change of the leading news website in Germany (and the first worldwide) from pure data analysis towards connecting with people through data. Whilst studying Philosophy, Education and Statistics, Jonathan accidentally tapped into the field of web analytics. Right from that moment, he was gripped by the challenge of creating added value from data. He gained experience in implementing data strategies and tools with international corporations on the agency side for several years before joining SPIEGEL ONLINE.




Cally Beaton
Media Entrepreneur & Performer

After joining the board of ITV as the youngest and only woman member, setting up her own company and serving as SVP in charge of International Sales at media giant Viacom, Cally started a parallel career in comedy. She brings humour and energy to workplace insights ranging from how to foster a creative, positive environment to how to inspire and lead through change..

At Viacom, Cally oversaw a £500million budget for channels including Nickelodeon, MTV, Comedy Central and Paramount and programmes from South Park to Friends. Responsible for selling programmes and formats around the world she combined working with on-screen and production talent with business planning and strategy, bridging the divide between creative and financial priorities.

It was working on Comedy Central that saw Cally develop her other life as a standup comedian. Despite joining the circuit after already establishing an impressive corporate career, the move has seen her perform at clubs around the country, front her own show at the Edinburgh Fringe, and appear as a guest on QI and on Radio 4’s The Museum of Curiosity.

Bringing humour and energy to her business insight, Cally considers the nature of the workplace and leadership culture. She looks at how to engender change, inspire teams and develop a positive, agile and inclusive environment. She also tackles the working priorities and expectations of the so-called millennial generation, and reveals how to be creative whilst keeping on eye on the bottom line. Her personality, love of performance and business knowledge has also seen her coach and train senior figures from a range of industries. 


John Travis
VP Brand Marketing

Based in San Francisco, John Travis has been at Adobe for twelve years and is currently the Vice President of Brand Marketing.  In this role, John is responsible for Adobe’s brand marketing worldwide including brand strategy and identity, campaign marketing, corporate sponsorships, and Adobe’s corporate social responsibility programs.  He recently returned from a three-year assignment in London where he was responsible for all marketing, campaign, and media strategy and delivery across the region.   Over the course of his tenure at Adobe, John has also been responsible for advertising, web marketing and events.  John serves as a lead evangelist of the Adobe brand, driving innovative strategies and programs with the objective of building customer loyalty, affinity, and demand for Adobe’s brand and its diverse portfolio of products and solutions.

Prior to Adobe, Travis spent seventeen years in marketing, the majority of those at Intel Corporation where he provided leadership in corporate brand strategy and identity, campaign strategy, co-marketing, and advertising. At Intel, Travis spearheaded a comprehensive corporate re-branding initiative in 2006. He was also responsible for developing a number of breakthrough global campaigns for the Intel Inside® and Pentium brands.

Travis holds a B.A. in Political Science from the University of California, Los Angeles. He also achieved a Certificat Pratique de la Langue Française from Université Paul Valery, Montpellier, France. John previously served on the board of the Association of National Advertisers (ANA)



Martyn Ansell
Head of Digital Marketing & Ecommerce
James Villa Holidays

Currently Head of Digital & Ecommerce for the UK’s #1 Villa holiday operator, Martyn has over 14 years’ experience working within marketing and IT across both travel and the automotive industry. Since joining James Villas in 2017, Martyn has been working with Adobe to maximise the use of their product offering and streamlining the businesses technology stack to improve the flow and use of data across multiple channels and products. Prior to James Villas, Martyn has held senior positions with the UK third largest holiday park operator Park Holidays UK, and one of the oldest UK automotive groups Caffyns PLC.



Jordi Badia
Digital Lola Commerce - VENCA

With a background of Computer Science and Business Management, Jordi Badia is an enthusiast of technology applied to internet and online business models. He developed his career in large companies as ABB, Merck and Cable&Wireless before jumping to the pure online business with big players as Grupo Intercom and BBVA. Nowadays he’s the CIO – CDO at Digital Lola Commerce – VENCA: a retail fashion company with the mission to help transforming the company from paper catalogue business to a meaningful online sales player. Recently VENCA has transformed their online business and has turned a 70-30% offline-online to the mirror image of 30-70% respectively. VENCA is building an exceptional Customer Journey experience whilst increasing their catalogue references and expanding abroad to succeed on this competitive market.




Maciej Baranski
Online Analyst
UPC Poland

At UPC Poland, Maciej manages Online Analytics as well the A/B Testing & Personalisation Team. He reads between the data to spot trends and insights used for better online product development. With almost 15 years of creating online experiences, he believes that focusing on customer will fulfil both companies' and users' needs.



Todd Barnett
CX Insights Analyst
Dick’s Sporting Goods

Todd Barnett MBA is the Customer Experience Insight Analyst at Dick’s Sporting Goods, directing ecommerce research into customer intentions, behaviours, demographics and preferences. As a client of both Adobe and Medallia, Todd is able to provide answers to the marketing questions of “who” and “how” along with “why” and “what’s next” through segment analysis in Adobe Analytics and targeted surveys in Medallia for Digital.

Find out more about DICK's Sporting Goods.



Gamma Basra
Partner – Head of Visualisation
Foster + Partners

Gamma joined the practice in 1992, working on the new Hong Kong International Airport project. He relocated to London in 1994 as CAD and 3D visualiser, and in 1997, established a dedicated visualisation team with a view to position the practice at the forefront of new emerging technologies. Today, the team’s work embraces creating photo-realistic images, animation, and experience-driven films that give an accurate impression of materials, textures, light and space. The team also specialise in concept design work for future projects.



Andy Beggan
Dean of Digital Education
The University of Lincoln

Andy Beggan leads the Digital Education Transformation Programme (DETP) at the University of Lincoln. This is an ambitious change programme managed over 5 interconnecting strands of digital activity and support projects, covering: Leadership and governance; Digital capabilities; Teaching, learning and assessment; Digital Environments; and Communities. Activities cover a broad range of activities underpinned by staff-student collaboration and partnership. Andy is enthusiastic about the potential of digital to enhance teaching and learning and bears the scars to prove it.



Matt Blake
Digital Analytics Manager
Legal & General

Matt has been working in the field of Digital Analytics on-and-off for over twenty years, searching for the elusive 'right' way of doing things. He still hasn't found it. But over the years, working for companies including VisitBritain and EDF Energy, he has come to realise that the important thing is to work out what's appropriate in each situation and to aim for that instead. 



Urs Boller
Senior Consultant Digital Analytics
Raiffeisen Switzerland

Urs works as a senior consultant digital analytics for Raiffeisen, the third largest financial institute in Switzerland. He is responsible for the tracking and reporting of all websites and apps. He has a great passion for digging into data and trying to find the best way to present stories to different stakeholders throughout the company. Urs holds a MBA in Information Resource and Technology Management and has been working in the financial industry since 2004 in different positions such as client relationship manager and head of product and sales management.



Sander Bosch
Global CMI Manager Digital Insights
Heineken International

Sander has a strong focus on driving media and digital transformation through the lens of CMI. Building an understanding of digital advertising effectiveness and digital consumer behaviour and helping companies integrate this knowledge and best practice into their strategy. Currently working at Heineken driving development of digital best practice and supporting the data driven marketing agenda. Previously Sander worked at Unilever as media insights manager for Europe and Africa, consolidating and embedding digital best practice across Unilever markets as well as leading the launch of Unilever’s People Data Center in Europe. Before that he worked on agency side as media consultant at GfK focused on helping clients integrate digital into their media strategy.



Philippe Boscher
Head of Digital Mktg - Data - Research - Addressable TV & Innovation

Philippe started as a consultant specialised in digital transformation; then joined Microsoft as head of entertainment and video content. He spent six years at Microsoft, both in content and advertising roles. He joined TF1 seven years ago, first as head of digital marketing within the sales-house and now in charge of Digital, Data, Addressable TV and Research.



Michael Brooks
Audience Development Manager

Michael is at the forefront of Unilever’s data driven marketing transformation, leading audience development and data management platform operations. Experienced in Digital Marketing, Web Analytics, Media Technology and Digital Transformation, Michael is responsible for building Unilever’s own audiences in their Data Management Platform (DMP), supporting the 40+ DMP consultants in role across the globe as they build sophisticated 1st party audiences that are relevant to the messages and objectives of any given brand campaign. 



Till Buettner
Senior Data Analyst
Deutsche Post DHL Group

As a Senior Data Analyst within the Digital Customer Interaction Department at DHL, Till is responsible for making better decisions by using digital data and analytics. From conceptualising web analytics to gaining insights for stakeholders, Till and his team provide analytical expertise for DHL. Among other things, this includes measuring all of logistics.dhl and other DHL touchpoints, analytics implementations, A/B testing and reporting. With over 15 years of experience in IT environment and digital marketing space, Till has developed an intuition in transforming data into storylines. After studying media management and communication design, Till worked for different digital agencies and blue chip companies as an UX designer and digital analyst. 




Piermarco Burrafato
Head of Marketing Analytics

Piermarco is an Analytics enthusiast and a growth hacker. After completing his PhD, Piermarco has held several positions in business analytics. He is now head of Marketing Analytics within Elsevier, a global information analytics business. His main remit is to unearth customer insights that drive product and campaign optimisation.




Victor Cea
Digital Technology Manager

Victor is digital technology manager at Puig, the worldwide fragrance and fashion company. Victor has more than ten years of experience and a very strong background in digital platforms in different types of technologies, from Microsoft until SAP and now Adobe, not only in a business value view but also in a technical value view. Over the last years at Puig, he has been focused in some of the most important digital platforms at Puig that are centralising the asset digitalisation of the company giving Puig a very potential production to generate the final products at worldwide level.


Lynne Cook
Head of Marketing
Skipton Building Society

As Head of Marketing for Skipton Building Society, Lynne Cook is responsible for leading the marketing strategy to deliver sustainable income and business growth for the benefit of customers and members. Lynne is responsible for driving forward the Society’s customer value proposition through the delivery of consistent branded experiences that reflect customers ever changing needs. She is focused on delivering powerful communications that connect emotionally and rationally with both existing and prospective customers, using wide and diverse channels to land messages. Lynne joined Skipton in 2013 and has been instrumental in driving forward the brand most recently seeing Skipton back on TV with a new campaign after a 10 year absence. Lynne is passionate about understanding customers, using both insight and data to inform marketing strategy.

With a degree in communications and a post graduate diploma from the IDM, Lynne has had a diverse career in marketing with 20 years’ experience both agency and client side. As a working mum, Lynne plays an active role in supporting the diversity and inclusion agenda.


Anthony Coviello
General Manager, Digital Commercialisation

Anthony has extensive experience in Financial Services across Australia and the UK. He currently leads the Digital Commercialisation function at National Australia Bank, including accountability for the customer experience of NAB’s website, digital adoption & utilisation, and the sale of consumer and business products across NAB’s digital channels. With over 10 years of senior leadership experience, Anthony has worked in a variety of roles within large complex organisations, driving cultural and business transformation. Anthony is passionate about establishing high performing and empowered teams to deliver exceptional customer-led outcomes.



Fiona Daniells
Solution Portfolio Manager, EMEA
Volvo Financial Services

Fiona has almost 20 years’ experience within Volvo Financial Services, where her roles have covered the functional areas of Operations, Commercial and more recently Digital Solutions & IT. In her current role as Solutions Manager for EMEA, she owns the solutions portfolio for the Originations Processes and has responsibility to drive development, standardisation and optimisation across the region.

Volvo Financial Services is embarking on its digitalisation transformation journey primarily within this Originations area. Fiona therefore focuses on identifying opportunities and challenges to drive positive change throughout the organisation, ultimately resulting in an improved customer experience.



Joshua Daniels
Platform Product Owner

Josh Daniels is a platform product owner at 10x. Josh has been at 10x for the past two years helping to build it from a 50-employee company to the near 200 colleagues they have today. Previously he spent three years at Lloyds Banking Group working in agile transformation on a number of programmes around commercial onboarding and lending. His area of focus at 10x is Channels, which covers: Mobile, API, Web, CRM and Servicing and Marketing and Communications.



Claire Davey
Director of Direct Distribution
Skipton Building Society

As Director of Direct Distribution for Skipton Building Society, Claire Davey is responsible for the customer and colleague experience through the Society’s direct channels, including phone, webchat, secure messaging and more recently, Social Media. Claire joined Skipton in 1996 and has spent her long career there focussed on keeping the customer proposition moving forward to ensure consistent high standards in this changing world. Her passion lies in developing people to help them to make the very most of their talents. Claire firmly believes that this is the secret to providing exceptional service. 

She is a graduate of Loughborough University, having recently undertaken a Master’s Degree in Leadership and Management between 2015 and 2018 (whilst working full time) which was her first experience of Uni life!


David de Kock
Senior Director Data Science & Product Management

At Elsevier Research Products, David leads on the Product Management of the Elsevier Analytics Stack and on data science initiatives focusing on user profiling, decision support and knowledge extraction and recommendation. He holds a MSc in Physics from University of Amsterdam and has worked for a wide range of organisations (Big4 tech consultancy, STM publishing, media, telco, energy, cable, a national museum and his own start-up).


Devid Dekegel
Head of Communication Data & Analytics
Colruyt Group

Devid Dekegel is head of ‘Communication Data & Analytics’ at Colruyt Group. He has a background in digital marketing, a passion for marketing technology and has been working for seven years in web and digital analytics. Together with his team he supports the different brands and operating units of Colruyt Group in gathering valuable data from digital touchpoints, to evangelise the use of insights and put this data into action using different technologies.




Kelly Derickx
Digital Project Manager

Kelly was one of the first team members of the Adobe Experience Cloud team at Capgemini Belgium. She has worked on multiple AEM projects for customers in different sectors, both as functional analyst and project manager. Being a Business Practitioner ACE, Kelly was invited by Adobe in October 2018 to join the Business Practitioner certification project in the San Jose headquarters.

Her drive to make projects successful, taking customer goals to heart, make her a key member of AEM delivery teams, also contributing to one of Capgemini’s customers winning the 2018 EMEA Experience Business Excellence award for Web Content Management.




Philip Dietrich
Team Lead Digital Analytics & Personalisation
E.ON Energie Deutschland GmbH

Philip Dietrich is in charge of the Digital Analytics team at E.ON Energie Deutschland GmbH. He has a master’s degree in European Energy Business, studied in Kufstein, Bangkok & St. Petersburg. Philip joined E.ON in 2014 and started his career as a Customer Journey Manager in the field of online services. His strong passion into data brought him in the field of web analytics, where he was mainly responsible for testing & personalisation. In his current position his team is responsible for web-data collection, testing and personalisation.



Tim Duehrkoop
Client Service Director
Namics - A Merkle Company

Tim Dührkoop is client service director with Namics - A Merkle Company, Switzerland’s and Germany’s leading Digital Transformation service provider. Tim is responsible for client relationships with leading financial services businesses and public sector entities. Before joining Namics in 1997, he completed a Masters in Business Management and a PhD in Innovation Management at the University of St. Gallen. He is also the co-founder and president of TEDxZurich, an annual conference organised under license from ted.com.

David Ellis
Managing Director

Dan Evans
Digital Optimisation and Personalisation Manager

Dan Evans leads the personalisation and optimisation initiatives for Sky - Group Product, Digital and Supply Chain. Since joining in 2016, he has been experimenting with digital touch points and delivering unique customer experiences across Sky's web, app and set-top box platforms. The personalisation activities reach every stage of the customer life cycle and drive increased engagement, customer success and business value.

Working closely with Sky technology teams Dan has produced a module for integrating Adobe solutions into Sky platforms at speed and scale.

With over 15 years of digital marketing and analytics experience, Dan started his career agency side, working across multiple verticals before moving to the financial services and then the entertainment sector.



Craig Ferguson
Senior Digital Data Manager
Lloyds Banking Group

Craig Ferguson is a Digital Analytics specialist with over 5 years’ experience; during that time he has worked within the financial services industry. His main areas of focus are: Tag Deployment, Governance, Release Management and Data Quality. Craig is passionate about his work and feels that if you can get the data right, that will help your organisation understand what is happening and allow focus on the why. Having the tools and processes in place this allows organisations to focus on the “What” & “Why”.


Christoph Filser
Lead Customer Analytics & Insights
BMW Group

Christoph heads the data science team for Customer Analytics & Insights at BMW Group. His team delivers analytical optimisations and machine learning solutions in the field of Next Best Offer / Next Best Activity to BMW Groups sales subsidiaries around the globe. Before joining the automotive industry, he worked at Telefónica Germany and Telefónica España in the field of 1:1 communication and data science.



Segolene Finet
Chief Marketing Officer

Ségolène Finet has over 20 years of experience in product marketing, product strategy, and marketing communications with a focus on international strategy. She previously held management roles at PeopleSoft and Oracle, in the Silicon Valley headquarters and European offices. She received her MBA from the University of California Berkeley, and holds a B.A. in Political Sciences from IEP Grenoble.




Mike Fong
Solutions Engineer

As a Solutions Engineer, Mike provides consulting and ad-hoc technical solutions to ObservePoint customers. His main areas of expertise and interest are Adobe Analytics, SQL and data governance solutions. He has several years' experience on the customer side managing Tesco's analytics and now exercises his wealth of knowledge for the benefit of ObservePoint’s customers. Mike is extremely passionate about customer service and loves to ensure that our clients receive the best possible experience with software and tools that are tailored to meet their individual needs.



Anna Galante
Head of Document Technology Operations

As head of Document Technology Operations, Anna Galante leads a global team that is changing the way GlaxoSmithKline creates, signs, prints and stores documents. A digital leader, she helps transform complex business processes and drive efficiencies through technology, while meeting stringent legal and compliance requirements.

As part of her role, Anna led the deployment of a new end to end Electronic and Digital Signature Service including the use of new cloud-based digital signatures to drive additional efficiency and an enhanced experience for signature users.


Sandy Ghuman
Audience Targeting Specialist
Sky UK

Building her career within companies like Yell, Experian and most recently Sky, Sandy is passionate about leveraging data and technology to customise consumer experiences.
At Sky, Sandy drives digital and social targeting capabilities with ownership of audience management & targeting within Sky’s Data Management Platform (DMP) and the social media landscape. Sandy also drives the integration and product roadmap of various adtech & martech solutions at Sky.
Sitting within Sky’s Digital Decisioning, Sandy’s team leverages on-and offline user behaviours to customise the digital experience in inbound and outbound through innovative use of their tech stack and audience design using 1st, 2nd & 3rd party data for optimal audience targeting.



Simon Green
Founder & CEO
Green Rock

Simon Green founded Green Rock as a dedicated post-production facility in 2008, following his extensive experience as an editor and producer, working on award-winning shows for the BBC, Sky and Channel 4 as well working on acclaimed feature-documentaries. He's since driven the evolution of Green Rock to become a content production agency, working with both brands and broadcasters to rethink how they make content for a digital-first world. Driven by creative innovation, Green Rock now has an end to end offering, with cloud-based workflows through production and into post production & delivery.



Katie Greenyer
Creative Talent & Network Director
Pentland Brands

Having held the position of Creative Talent & Network Director at Pentland Brands for 10 years alongside her role as World President of the Textile Institute, it’s safe to say that Katie has made her mark on the design industry. Alongside nurturing new and emerging talent, Katie inspires designers at Pentland Brands to bring their ideas to life in new and engaging ways. Join Katie Greenyer as she discusses her experience of working across a varied portfolio of brands and identifying new opportunities for creativity in the digital space.




Alexander Hart
Senior Business Project Lead
Roche Diagnostics

Alex is a senior project lead at Roche Diagnostics. He joined the company in 2014 and has 15 years' experience in marketing and digital marketing in various industries including Outsourcing, Logistics and more recently Healthcare.

Alex currently leads a global digital project at Roche Diagnostics called "One Web Presence" to create harmonised, simplified and compliant websites for customers across the entire Roche Diagnostics product portfolio. "One Web Presence" will put the customer experience first, reduce compliance risks and improve Roche Diagnostics' resource efficiency.


Matthew Harwood
Head of Digital Solutions

Matthew joined NatWest from university and over the years has held various roles across Data and Analytics from architecture to cross-channel attribution modelling and optimisation. He currently heads Digital Solutions, responsible for Tagging and Personalisation alongside growing out the banks Decisioning and Marketing Technologies.




Derek Hemphill
Digital Content Lead

Derek joined NatWest in 2010 from BT, where latterly he was responsible for the Digital Content strategy to engage business customers through BT’s online and social platforms. Over the last nine years at NatWest, Derek has played a key role in helping launch and grow the NatWest and Royal Bank of Scotland brands on social and content platforms including YouTube, facebook, Twitter and Instagram. As digital content lead, Derek is now responsible for implementing and managing the Digital Content Strategy for consumer and business brands, ensuring alignment to the wider Brand Marketing objectives, and driving engagement with customers through insightful and innovative content.




Albert Hogan
Group Marketing Director
Penguin Random House UK

Albert Hogan is director, Audience & Digital Development at Penguin Random House UK where he leads the team responsible consumer activity and digital strategy for core brands Penguin, Puffin and Ladybird and interest brands in the cookery, crime, commercial fiction and self-improvement genres. Prior to joining Penguin Random House in 2016, Albert held senior digital roles at Universal Pictures, EMI Music and Disney. 




Isabella Holm
Human Insights Lead

Isabella is a recognised expert on our changing relationship with technology and digital services. She’s a human insights specialist with a special focus on future scenarios and the human experience. For the past decade, Isabella has specialised in the digital habits and lifestyles of millennials and younger user groups, bridging digital phenomena to wider social contexts.




Jon Hunter
Head of Design
Transport for London

Jon Hunter leads the design teams within Transport for London, the transport authority for London which is responsible for over 26.8 million trips per day. The teams remit includes branding, graphic design, wayfinding, product and Industrial design and everything in-between. A typical day for Jon could involve the creation of a new brand for Cycling, creating Colabs with other leading brands to overseeing the design direction for £1bn of new trains – no two days are ever the same.



Adam Ingram
Senior Marketing Manager
The Telegraph

Adam leads the Performance Marketing team driving Subscriptions and Registrations at the Telegraph, championing their digital channels and continually seeking opportunities to expand their reach in a highly competitive environment. Since joining in 2018, Adam has aggressively developed refining a customer-centric approach across their core channels while building new ways to engage, and build revenue driving relationships with customers.

Adam joined from Sainsbury's Bank, a digital-first company, where he managed the Acquisition marketing across their product suite.




Craig Johnson
Global Head of Multi Channel & Staff Tablets
HSBC Holdings Plc.

As Head of Multi Channel & Staff Tablets, Craig leads a Global team responsible for creating Omnichannel experiences linking HSBC’s Branch, Contact Centres and Digital estates. Whether transforming paper to digital journeys on Tablets in Branches, through connecting customers to mortgage advisors via from their homes - Multi Channel capabilities form the glue to bridge HSBC’s Branches & Contact Centres staff with Customers using Digital assets.



Maria Jones
General Manager Digital Sales & Merchandising
TUI UK & Ireland

Digital Geek, Plane Geek and MotoGP fan. Maria has nearly 20 years' experience in the travel industry with half of that in Digital. She is extremely passionate about the customer and ensuring they receive the best possible experience when booking their holiday. With previous experience in retail and contact centres, Maria now leads the online sales, personalisation and optimisation initiatives at TUI UK and Ireland.



Ben Jones
Ecommerce Manager

Graduating from Manchester University with a degree in mathematics in 2006, Ben began his career in retail development, before making the natural move to digital in 2010. With real-world experience in every aspect of an ecommerce business, Ben has a track record of growing and developing a businesses’ online channels.

Ben was hired by OSPREY LONDON in 2017 to help this British luxury leather brand achieve its bold ecommerce ambitions in doubling its online business year on year.



Scott Joslin
Senior Vice President, Data Strategy - International
Turner Broadcasting Sys LTD

Bringing over 20 years of experience in analytics, research, marketing and sales leadership, Scott is responsible for the oversight, direction and management of Turner International’s data strategy, data technology strategy and data platform management for all its divisions. His team manage data as a strategic asset to drive revenue, increase yield on advertising inventory, and enable more targeted and efficient consumer marketing and commerce opportunities.

Before joining Turner, Scott was the commercial and operations head at Arrivalist - a location-change attribution analytics start-up, based in New York. Previous roles saw him responsible for overseeing the International advertising effectiveness efforts at comScore, and before that, his roles in research and business intelligence at AOL included the completion of the world’s most extensive enterprise web analytics implementation at the time.

Before joining AOL, Scott held various data-based roles at some of Canada’s largest brands and agencies, including Rogers Wireless, Canada’s largest mobile operator. Scott earned his B.A., Bilingual, in Political Science from Glendon College, the internationally oriented bilingual campus of York University in Toronto. He has much love for great food, a story well told, music played loud, and boisterous laughter with family and friends.



Georgios Kargakis
Head of IT CoC oneMarketing

Georgios has been engaged in creating ultimate customer experiences bridging the gap between business and IT for more than 15 years. As an agilist and entrepreneur, he’s working with modern approaches such as Design Thinking, Scrum or DevOps to speed up the development and rollout of digital products by also taking the organisation on the journey to digital transformation to assure sustainable success. As evangelist for innovation he thrives for simplicity and emotional customer experiences without bad surprises.




Patricia Kasandziev
Head of Digitisation, Products & Processes
Raiffeisenlandesbank Niederösterreich-Wien AG

Patricia Kasandziev is responsible for digitisation, products & processes, digital sales and contact centre at Raiffeisenlandesbank Niederösterreich-Wien. Her key areas include: product and process management for all channels and business areas, optimisation and automation of E2E business processes, development and implementation of omnichannel sales strategies.



Matthias Koenig
Head Data & Analytics

Heading up the Data & Analytics team within UBS' Group Marketing & Communication Services unit, Matthias is responsible for the strategy and development of the bank's global marketing and communication data platforms, providing services such as engineering and data science as well as transforming how the business consumes and collaborates around data, and uses insights to drive business growth.  

With over six years of experience in digital analytics and marketing technology architecture, one of this key topics is the enablement of data driven experiences in a highly regulated environment.



Karsten Kraemer
Director Digital Customer Group Portals
Deutsche Lufthansa AG

After graduating, Karsten Krämer started at OTTO, a German mail-order house. One of his tasks was setting up OTTO's online sales channel, with more than 250,000 products online. At Lufthansa, Karsten has managed various projects including establishing a new booking engine for the website. His latest assignment was a redesign of the website, a migration to AEM 6.3 and migration to a cloud hosting centre. After this project was successfully launched, the project organisation set about transforming itself into an agile DevOps organisation.


Rachel Lane
Solution Principal - Digital

Rachel specialises in leading Medallia customers along the path of Digital CX best practice. Working with companies to understand their business objectives and helping them to align voice of customer feedback to drive critical success in those objectives. Rachel's role sees her look way beyond initial digital implementation, to show companies how they can achieve continuous and long-term benefits across their organisation, and helps them roadmap to achieve this. Being able to show return on investment is a major differentiator for Medallia's customers, and Rachel has over 10 years experience working with leading brands on large scale omni-channel CX programmes to do this. Prior to joining Medallia, Rachel worked in retail operations for 10 years, bringing large US based retailers over EMEA and growing the footprint of existing brands.


Jesper Lanther
Senior Digital Marketing Consultant

Jesper works with marketing automation, personalisation and digital marketing in Grundfos. Together with the rest of the marketing automation centre of excellence, his focus is on creating the optimal digital journeys for Grundfos’ customers.

Before he came to Grundfos, Jesper spent more than 10 years working in retail and ecommerce in a variety of industries and most recently as the head of marketing automation at an agency.



Chris Leyland
Onsite Bet Analyst
Sky Betting and Gaming

Chris joined Sky Bet early last year as an onsite bet analyst with a focus on developing web and digital analysis within Sky Bet, whilst growing his independent analytics company Daybreaker Analytics.

Prior to joining, Chris worked in web analysis for Jet2, Bupa and ao.com.



Matthew Lindley
Digital Analytics Implementation Architect

Matthew Lindley is the Digital Analytics Implementation Architect at BT, providing expertise and support to 40-plus applications in the Consumer division, which sees over 800m digital interactions each month across 55,000 active web pages. Matthew has, and continues to drive fundamental changes and improvements in analytics implementation best practice, fulfilling the needs from business, reporting and technical areas.



Enric Llopart
Digital Director
FC Barcelona

Digital business and marketing professional with an international career - currently leading the Digital team at FC Barcelona. Previously at Tribal Worldwide running the Digital Transformation team working for large customer and at Edelman as Head of Digital in Latin America and Spain.

Strategic mindset combining data, thinking and guts. People-centric, as the shortest path to obtain positive business results and impact on society.

After working for Fortune 500 companies from industries such as Entertainment, FMCG, Technology or Industrial goods, Enric experienced the digital transformation of the banking industry from the inside. Currently, he’s leading the aggressive move to digital of the most global and admired sports brand in the world.

Interested in understanding how digital technologies transform society, people behaviour and the cultural zeitgeist, Enric believes this is a unique moment for developing digital products, services and experiences to help redefine the relationship between people and organisations and hopefully evolve it to be more meaningful and mutually beneficial.




Tom Loomes
Head of Data Experience Solutions
RS Components

As Head of Data Experience Solutions, Tom leads RS Components' digital experience data and marketing technology capabilities – transforming how the business consumes and collaborates around data, and uses technology to automate experiences for their customers. During his time at RS, and throughout his career, Tom has developed his expertise in digital analytics and marketing technology, namely with the implementation and architecture of the Adobe Experience Platform, tagging governance and data visualisation. 



Diederik Martens
Chief Marketing Technologist & Founder
Chapman Bright

Diederik Martens, founder of Chapman Bright, is a results-driven and tech-savvy digital marketer with a passion for B2B and the complex sale. Diederik is a frequently asked speaker and lecturer on marketing operations, marketing automation, lead nurturing, buying journeys, CRM, predictive lead scoring, and all things marketing technology. He is a Marketo Certified Solutions Architect and named one of the world’s top 50 at the 2014, 2015, and 2016 Marketo Champion Elite class. Diederik works on marketing technology projects for companies, such as DHL Express, Rockwool, Trend Micro, Essent, Staples, Innogy, PinkRoccade, Dassault Systèmes, Sungevity, Wolf Oil, and many more.




Linda McBain
Director of Digital
Save the Children

Linda McBain is Digital Director of Save the Children, the global children’s charity which works across 120 countries.

She leads on the organisation’s digital transformation, focused on improving the processes, technology and capability to ensure the charity is fit for the future and delivers experiences expected by today’s consumers.

With 12 years’ experience as a digital leader in the not-for-profit sector, Linda has developed award winning campaigns such as the ’Most Shocking Second a Day’ video which has had 61 million Youtube views, and Christmas Jumper Day, where Jumper selfies and donations have become a seasonal social media highlight.



James McCormick
Principal Analyst
Forrester Research

James serves Customer Insights Professionals. He is the leading global analyst tracking and defining the value and impact of digital customer information on digitally transforming businesses. His digital intelligence models recognise the big data and advanced analytics approaches that transformed businesses have taken to continually optimise and evolve decisions, experiences, and actions. With his research and experience, he works with senior leaders on insights strategies for sustained market differentiation. James also works with all sizes of technology and services vendors in the digital data, analytics, personalisation and optimisation space to define their business strategy, go-to-market, and product road maps. His responsibilities at Forrester include leading the research on digital intelligence, insights-driven business, and location intelligence; providing end user and vendor strategic advisory; speaking as a keynote at industry events; and maintaining a role of key market influences in his field.




Nicolas Meriel
Senior Digital Strategist & Adobe Ambassador

Nicolas Mériel has gathered over 15 years of online experience and has worked as interactive marketing manager at eCommerce service provider GSI Commerce (now eBay Enterprise). Nicolas then joined Omniture (now Adobe) in the role of team lead Test&Target EMEA. During the acquisition by Adobe, Nicolas had the opportunity to join Adobe Training Services as a corporate trainer & consultant for all Omniture powered solutions as well as Adobe Scene7. In 2012, Mr. Mériel joined Swisscom, Switzerland’s leading telecom provider, as Senior Digital Strategist

Nicolas speaks five languages and has been a regular speaker at Adobe Summit.



Jim Misuraca
VP-Strategic Alliances

Jim Misuraca is the VP – Strategic Alliances at Decibel, a digital experience intelligence platform and a premier partner in the Adobe Exchange Partner Program. In his role, Jim leads the technology and solution partner team. With respect to Adobe, Jim manages the overall partnership as well as the ever-expanding number of Decibel integrations with the Adobe Experience Cloud (which include Launch, Analytics, Target, and Audience Manager).



Geert Moens
Program manager - Digital
Atlas Copco

As program manager digital, Geert focuses on the digital strategy and implementation of Atlas Copco’s ambitions for the websites, marketing automation, personalisation and lead generation. He has managed the entire journey from selection until implementation and rollout of the Adobe solution.  

Atlas Copco is a world-leading provider of sustainable productivity solutions. As Atlas Copco is a strong decentralised organisation, each of the different units (brands, business areas, local countries, …) have their own digital focus and selling points. The challenge for Atlas Copco is to find the balance between global alignment and these individual digital objectives.

In 2018, Atlas Copco won the European Adobe experience business excellence award (excellence in Web content management).



Andrew Morris
Global Head of Insight
RS Components

As Head of Global Insight at RS Components, Andrew leads the drive to be an insight and data driven business, his team are at the heart of RS Components’ community of insight and analysis practitioners and are the key enablers of a culture of self-service at RS Components.

Andrew has worked in insight roles primarily on digital data for over 15 years across a variety of sectors, both client and agency side. Andrew specialises in driving the adoption of data within non insight functions and helping non digital functions understand and exploit the power of digital data.



Jens Nielsen
Senior Marketing Project Manager

Jens is a senior marketing project manager leading the Marketing Automation programme at Grundfos – the world’s largest pump manufacturer. Since 2012 Jens has been part of Grundfos’ journey to build even better and more direct customer relations through digitalisation. This includes establishing the Marketing Automation discipline and democratising the usage of customer data and automation tactics in Grundfos’ more than 50 sales companies. At Grundfos Jens drives the integration of owned customer data with the Adobe Marketing stack and developing the road map of Marketing Automation.

Jens holds an MA in Media Studies and Economics from Aarhus University, Denmark.




Giovanni Niero
Experience Architect & Head of Digital Technologies

Giovanni's career has spanned over 15 years’ in digital, supporting companies in delivering superior experience through state of the art technologies. He joined illycaffè in 2013, to lead the digital technologies team, executing major projects like the customer experience multi-channel platform. In the last two years, he has been appointed as one of the digital transformation leaders, managing strategy and execution of all the digital transformation initiatives. Before joining illycaffè, he started in STIGA delivering the first e-commerce experience in 2003.



Manuel Niess
Head Digital Channels

Heading up the Digital Channels team within UBS's Group Marketing & Communication Services unit, Manuel is responsible for shaping the strategy and driving continuous development of the bank's global marketing and communication technologies, powering channels such as www.ubs.com, the corporate intranet, as well as marketing automation and site search solutions.

With 10+ years of experience in digital transformation, his key focus for the last years has been on delivering supreme customer experiences on UBS's digital channels, and bringing state-of-the-art technology solutions to life in a highly regulated environment. Manuel holds a master's degree in modern English and German literature.




Tom Nowell
CRM Enablement Manager
Virgin Atlantic

Tom is passionate about using technology to harness pertinent data and insight, and delivering valid, bona fide business benefits. His work ethic is guided by the strong belief that the correct technological solution should be aligned with the most appropriate strategy. This ensures the best message is delivered at the right time, through the most appropriate channels. With over 10 years’ experience in CRM and data-driven marketing, Tom has been involved in many digital solutions that delivered powerful communications. He prides himself on providing exceptional customer experiences by bringing key insight and marketing strategies to life.


Simone Occhiuzzi
CRM Director
Lottomatica (IGT)

Simone Occhiuzzi is CRM director at Lottomatica (IGT), the leading gaming operator in Italy.

As the customer relationship director, Simone oversees customer satisfaction crafting meaningful and tailored communication with its customers bridging the adoption of technology with new ways of interaction to serve the purpose. With ten years of experience in Digital Marketing, Simone has worked for large-size organisations in Italy and abroad (he lived in the UK for four years) within the relationship management departments.

With a Masters degree in Marketing & Communication, Simone has extensive experience in implementing CRM strategies and managing relevant KPI’s, ensuring measurable impact and influence within the business. 



Jesper Olesen
Senior Director, Digital Customer Excellence

Jesper is responsible for developing and driving the digital customer experience and all customer facing touchpoints for Grundfos. His focus is to create personalised and automated customer experience flows based on their needs and jobs-to-be-done. Jesper has broad background with experience with multiple areas such as digital marketing, pricing, analytics & customer satisfaction measurement, strategy development, CRM and sales reporting.



Marie Othats
Product Owner Digital Performance

Marie started as web analyst at KPN Sales division, then due to her technical interests and knowledge she was promoted to Product Owner Digital Performance.

She is responsible for the vision of online analytics as well as the implementation of online data on all kpn.com platforms. Marie is the link between business and architecture and development teams to ensure the quality and consistency of online data. Her mission is to improve data quality, enrich data by connecting platforms and empower colleagues to work with Adobe Analytics, thereby she enables business teams to continuously improve the journeys and experience of their customers and prospects.



Saija Paananen
Campaign Controller

Saija Paananen heads the campaign management team at NOW TV, which is part of Sky, Europe’s leading media company.  

With years of experience using different marketing automation technologies, including Adobe Campaign, her key focus area is creating highly personalised customers communications through intelligent targeting strategies and finding innovative ways to extend the tool’s capabilities.   

Saija’s key mission is to empower her team to use the power of data and insights, deliver best-in-class communications and understand what makes customers tick to deliver exceptional results. She has worked across multiple transformation and implementation projects and is continuously looking for new ways to optimise and improve customer experiences.


Mitchell Partoglou
Head of Digital Sales

Mitchell has proven time and time again he has what it takes to deliver great digital first customer experiences. He currently leads the Digital Sales team at NAB creating best-in-class digital sales experiences for customers through customer research, AB testing and rapid delivery models. Previously, he helped create and grow NAB Labs, NAB’s innovation function, which embedded customer research, agile ways of working and rapid-prototyping into the Enterprise. Outside of work, Mitchell is always looking for his next start-up opportunity having already created and sold two companies.



Dr. Jesko Perrey
Senior Partner
McKinsey & Company

Dr. Jesko Perrey is a senior partner at McKinsey & Company in Düsseldorf, which he joined in 1999. The functional focus of his work is on branding, marketing spend effectiveness and segmentation. He is the global leader of McKinsey's Marketing and Sales Practice. Jesko serves companies across all industries and in particular logistics (postal and parcel services), automotive, retail and consumer goods, as well as a broad range of topics such as commercial transformation, pricing, sales, CX, digital marketing and advanced analytics. He is one of the founders of McKinsey's Consumer and Marketing Analytics Group.


Emily Poulton
Marketing Automation Manager
Ascential Group

Voted one of Marketo's "Fearless 50" marketers in 2018 and winner of that year’s "Marketer of the Year" Revvie Award, Emily is passionate about bringing marketing strategy to life. By producing engaging content for each stage of the buyer journey, and by implementing scalable processes and powerful analytics to reinforce it, she has shown B2B enterprise business leaders across multiple sectors, why marketing is valuable as a key demand and revenue generation function.

Emily is now working in London as part of the Ascential Group's global team. She is delivering high performing marketing campaigns across the group’s portfolio of brands.



Alon Raz
Vice President eCommerce
Strauss Coffee

Alon serves as VP eCommerce for Strauss Coffee and is in charge of the company's global eCommerce business. He has more than 20 years of experience in the online and media industries. Prior to Strauss Coffee, Alon spent 10 years with Zap Group where he managed Israel's largest eCommerce marketplace. Before that he headed Israel's leading digital marketplace for services. Previously, Alon served in managerial positions in the European and Israeli satellite TV industry.


Dan Reed
Head of Platform Delivery

Dan joined Barclaycard in 2013 as a Digital Content executive, editing pages on the Barclaycard website. Dan now looks after the Barclaycard.co.uk/business website team, marketing automation team, and delivering new marketing technology for Barclays Cards and Payments.  

Dan is a people-centric optimiser who’s not only interested in the need for improvement, but also what impact those needs have on colleagues in terms of skills.  

In his quest for optimisation, Dan’s recent focus has been on Site Performance: how to make website faster, and what does that mean commercially? And, how do the team adapt to a brand new challenge…




Roman Rock
Global Head of Digital Analytics & Personalisation Platforms

Roman has spent the last three years migrating HSBC from a decentralised, highly outsourced operating model to a centrally managed internal capability led structure across 34 countries, migrating from over 400 local non governed implementations to a centrally governed implementation with limited localisation.



Tom Roethlisberger
Lead Marketing Technology a.I.
valuu by PostFinance

Tom Röthlisberger is a passionate marketing and advertisement technology architect. His backpack is filled with knowledge and experience about marketing technology and a strong affinity to marketing innovation. Combined with imagination, empathy and determination, he is able to design marketing solutions that are challenging the status quo. Constantly discovering new solutions for over 16 years, he has had the privilege to have worked for companies like Audi, Credit Suisse, John Lewis or Richemont.



Pablo Jacobo Ruiz Alonso
Global Head of Digital Marketing

Pablo went from a “capo of the hotdog and popcorn Spanish mafia” to a “well-respected digital marketing strategist and professor”... If that’s not the definition of reinvention… what is!

He has gone through several periods of reinvention in his life and never waited for his future to find him. It is important to remember that we choose reinvention, and that is what he did after completing his education.  

He evolved from being a physicist to pursuing his curiosity for web development / design / consultancy. He started his new career working in B2C and later B2B, transforming his career path and becoming a skilled digital marketing professional with zero experience. He also worked as a digital marketing professor while becoming a digital strategist, leading an incredible team of smart digital marketing gurus. To put it simply - he built a career around what he defines now as his true passion.




Fahim Salim
Global Director - Digital Consumer Experience Platforms

Fahim is an entrepreneurial marketing technology leader with over 15 years’ experience across telecoms, banking, pharmaceuticals and consumer goods industries. He has a track record of leading global business transformation initiatives, building high performance teams and digital platforms that deliver superior outcomes at scale for businesses.

Fahim is responsible for Digital Consumer Experience Platforms at Unilever, which play a critical role to enable marketers with best-in-class engagement and experience execution capabilities that help drive data driven marketing at scale for Unilever’s 400+ brands operating in 190+ countries.



Mascia Salucci
Head of Digital Sales, Acquisition & Analytics

Mascia has a master’s degree in Foreign Literature & Language and in Philosophy. She joined Alitalia in 2009 and combined her passion for technology with her long time experience gained through different senior manager roles in the Travel & Airline industry.

She leads the Digital Sales, Acquisition and Analytics team of Alitalia; responsible for digital contents (53 websites, 15 different languages), digital marketing (SEM, SEO, Display, Metasearch Engines), Data Analytics. She is also responsible for driving digital sales growth using on-data driven measuring equations and on-automated-based machines that learn algorithms aimed at acquiring new clients through online advertising channels. This is accomplished by systematically targeting specific audience segments at the beginning of their purchase path, and then by guiding them to the booking phase in the Alitalia website with dynamically personalised offers and experiences.

Mascia is deeply engaged with philosophical labs thinking about socio-ethical values and applications of digital technologies and thinking and prediction machines (moral algorithm, philosophy of information, etc)


Anette Samsioe
Senior Client Partner – Industry Lead Health EMEA & APAC
Publicis Sapient

Anette has more than 20 years of experience advising companies on how to succeed in a connected and digital world and how to successfully transform as an organisation. Her consulting focus is the Pharma and Healthcare industry. She leads at Publicis Sapient the industry vertical Health for the region EMEA & APAC.


Gianrico Sarracco
Digital Analytics Architect
UnipolSai Assicurazioni

Gianrico Sarracco is a digital analytics architect with more than 10 years of experience in digital marketing and digital analytics. He is also an Adobe Analytics expert. Gianrico is currently managing all digital analytics implementation activities at Unipolsai, on both the company’s external and internal channels, including website, app, intranet and extranet.


Francesca Romana Saule
WW Head of Digital and CRM / Digital Transformation Director

Francesca is an executive with over 15 years of experience in digital, omni-channel, social, content and CRM strategy & experience programs within the major consumer goods, fashion & luxury and retail companies. She joined illycaffè in 2018 leading the Digital Transformation Program and the Digital and CRM Unit. Before joining illycaffè, she was an Accenture executive in digital strategy working on customer experience and transformation programs.



Wouter Segers
Leader of the Digital Competence Center

Wouter leads the Digital Competence Center of KBC, responsible for digital journey management, digital attraction, digital conversion, websites and martech. The Competence Center works together with other departments on the day-to-day customer experience and sales, in an omni-channel context. The approach has led to a huge increase in digital sales in the space of five years.

Wouter has a master’s degree in Economics and joined KBC in 2002. Since 2014 he has combined his passion for digital and customers with experience he gained through different IT-roles, internal consulting and SME relationship management at branch level.



Peter Simon
Team Head Web & Digital Solutions
Sika AG

Peter Simon has more than 10 years of digital, web & ecommerce experience, and a strong Adobe Experience Manager background. He is originally from Hungary and has been living in Switzerland now for more than eight years and also has a university degree as MSc Business Information System. In February 2018, after six years working for Adobe as Critical Situation Manager & Digital Project Manager in Switzerland, he joined Sika AG, the leading industry and construction company in Switzerland to lead the Web & Digital Solutions Team as part of the global corporate IT organisation. He and his team are looking after the operations, technical support and also the continuous improvement of the global web-platform AEM with 150+ trained authors from all around the world. In his presentation, Peter will give an overview of the challenges a global organisation like Sika faces when it comes to content creation and publishing and will showcase how a website relaunch and upgrading to AEM 6.4 changed the internal processes and the governance. 




Mike Softley
Director Microsoft Marketing Solutions Dynamics 365

Mike has been with Microsoft for six years and has an exceptional track record of sales and leadership across the industry, he has led the Adobe Cosell efforts in EMEA for two years and is focussed on the digital transformation and business value of the Microsoft and Adobe alliance for mutual enterprise customers.



Ben Sprackman
Senior Optimisation Manager
TUI UK & Ireland

Ben started his career at TUI working on the frontline as a holiday rep, where he fell in love with travel. His passion for travel took him all over the world and ultimately to the alluring Luton, but more specifically the TUI head office, where he discovered his 2nd passion, which was Digital Optimisation (shortly followed by rugby). Since then he has been on an exciting journey, where he led the creation and rapid expansion of TUI UK & Ireland’s Optimisation programme.



Ralph Stamm
Senior Digital Analytics Manager

Ralph is an experienced senior digital analyst / digital marketing manager with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and financial services industry. The Adobe certified expert has over 10 years of experience in the digital strategy, analytics, testing, personalisation sector and worked both client- and agency-side and as an entrepreneur. He spearheaded the adoption of the Adobe Analytics Cloud at Allianz Switzerland and focus on data-driven topics that generate business value. His favourite quote is: “In God we trust; all others bring data – data beats opinion.



Daniel Stuerchler
Head of Digital Projects in Global Marketing & Brand Communications
Credit Suisse

Daniel Stürchler is head of Digital Projects in Global Marketing and Brand Communications at Credit Suisse, the unit tasked with running all central marketing channels within Credit Suisse. Before joining Credit Suisse in 2017, Daniel was project manager with Swisscom, running large AEM platform projects for five years. He started his career as a software developer, holds a degree in Business Information Management and an Executive MBA in General Management.



Christian Stuppy
Director, IT Healthcare

Christian Stuppy, MBA is a senior IT leader with 20 years of experience delivering innovative Marketing & Sales IT ecosystems for the Lifescience industry. He held different global leadership positions in the areas of Application Delivery, IT Architecture and IT Business partnering. In his current role as Head of Business Partnering & Projects, IT Healthcare - Core Franchises & Go-to Market, Christian is responsible for designing and implementing global IT platforms enabling digital touchpoints for patients and Healthcare professionals. Using IT as a business differentiator is core to his approach on architecting and delivering engaging solutions.



Hirra Sulanki
Head of Digital Analytics

Hirra Sulanki is the Head of Digital Analytics at TUI, the world’s leading tourism group. In her role, Hirra leads the analytics team in monitoring, contextualising and perfecting experiences across all of TUI’s digital properties. Her work ensures consistent and brilliant experiences for the 10 million customers that visit TUI online every month. With almost a decade of experience at TUI, Hirra has seen the business go from strength to strength and has a wealth of knowledge to share in the digital data space.



Peter Svarre
Author & Digital Strategy Advisor

Peter Svarre, Master of International Affairs from Columbia University, New York, has been working with digital communications, user experience, artificial intelligence and social media for the last 20 years.

He is the author of two books. One on social media and the other on artificial intelligence. The latter deals with the practical, social, political and ethical consequences of artificial intelligence. He is currently touring the world, speaking about these issues.

He has also worked as marketing director for Bang & Olufsen and as a digital strategist for companies such as Novo Nordisk, Nike, Carlsberg and UBS.




Laura Elaine Sympson
Director of Digital Customer Experience
Dick’s Sporting Goods

Laura Elaine Sympson has been in the digital analytics and customer experience space for over 20 years. Laura has held leadership positions with Office Depot, West Marine, Eddie Bauer, and is now the director of Digital Customer Experience at Dick’s Sporting Goods, a $8.5 billion dollar sporting goods company located in the United States. Laura regularly speaks on topics that include online experiences, digital innovations, new methodologies, AI, and predictive analytics. She was named a Shoptalk Catalyst and holds an MBA from Vanderbilt University with an emphasis in Digital Commerce. 

Find out more about DICK's Sporting Goods.



Helmut Tautz
Programme Manager Marketing Cloud

Helmut is an experienced programme manager with a proven track record in the information technology and financial services industry. With his professional experience in engineering and business units he is passionate about bringing both sides together to create exceptional experiences for customers.

Established on a holistic approach with focusing on technological topics as well as business transformation aspects he is now implementing Adobe Marketing Cloud at Allianz Switzerland.


Cathy Thomson
Global Head of Customer Experience Management
Hostelworld Group

Cathy is a leader in strategic CX transformation, Voice-of-Customer programs, and data-driven experience design with in-depth background in the hospitality, retail, and ecommerce sectors. 

Having previously worked in senior roles with brands such as Fairmont, Marriott, HSBC, and Walmart, she joined Hostelworld Group in 2012 to lead their CRM, customer insight, CX management, and customer support programmes.

She holds an MBA, an Honours Bachelor of Journalism, and is a Recipient of Canadian Achievers Award from the Prime Minister of Canada.




John Tomlins
Client Experience Group Director
Hearts & Science

John has 11+ years agency experience working across a wide range of client categories including entertainment, FMCG, travel and gaming. At Hearts & Science, he is responsible for leading great client experience with a particular focus on creating better ways of working, motivating teams (both client and internal) and activating stand out media campaigns at both a UK and European level.


Patric Uebersax
Internet Platform Manager
Credit Suisse

Patric Uebersax is Internet Platform Manager in Global Marketing and Brand Communications at Credit Suisse, the unit tasked with running all central marketing channels within Credit Suisse. Before his current role, Patric was Scrum Master and IT Business Analyst in the corporate IT department responsible for managing the most recent platform relaunch of credit-suisse.com and various other web development projects. He started his career as a software developer and holds a Masters in Business Information Management.


Roos van Duren
Customer Insights Lead

Having started in KPN’s App’s division, Roos was responsible for implementation of Adobe Analytics and set-up reporting. Through her passion of optimising data-driven processes and the ability to connect people within the organisation, Roos was asked to participate in cross-department projects such as the reimplementation of online analytics, customer recognition and (online) personalisation.  

On the back of these developments and achievements, she was recently promoted to the role of Customer Insights Lead for KPN Online. The primary focus is to enable online teams to make data-driven decisions and continuously improve the online customer journeys and personalised experience.


Sanne Vincent
Ecommerce Manager

Ecommerce Manager for Denmark’s largest plumbing wholesaler, Sanne leads the online sales, personalisation and optimisation initiatives for Saint-Gobain Distribution Denmark. The aim is to deliver unique customer experiences across sales channels. 

Sanne has been part of the digital transformation the last decade and building up the digital landscape including Adobe Analytics, Adobe Target, Adobe Audience Manager and Adobe Campaign - making it possible to deliver real-time personalised experiences.

Saint-Gobain Distribution Denmark’s main website: BD.dk has won numerous e-commerce awards during the last 10 years in Denmark in the categories best B2B and best Omni-channel. 



Tim Walters, Ph.D.
Principle Strategist & Privacy Lead
The Content Advisory

Tim Walters is a principal strategist and privacy lead at The Content Advisory and the founder of Zero Theory Solutions. For nearly twenty years, Tim has helped organisations create great customer experiences while also respecting the privacy and personal data of consumers. His publications and popular keynote addresses include "The GDPR Launches a New Era For Customer Experience Management", “The Role of Trust in the New Data Economy” and “The Total Impossibility of CXM.” Prior to TCA, Tim was a senior analyst at Forrester Research. Earlier, he was a professor at the University of Rochester and New York University.




Andrew Wathen
Digital Analytics Manager
Nationwide Building Society

Andrew is a digital analytics manager with over ten years' insight, optimisation and implementation experience working for Financial Services and Telco companies. Using his Adobe expertise in both Adobe Analytics and Adobe Target, he has helped businesses transform the way in which they use digital data. Andrew is currently working for Nationwide Building Society where he has created and grown a team capable of supporting Nationwide’s ambitious plans. This will be Andrew’s second Adobe Summit as a presenter having previously appeared at the 2017 Summit.



Alasdair Weddell
Director of Media

As Director of Media at UKTV, Alasdair is responsible for media planning and strategy across owned and paid-for media. Alasdair’s objective is to help navigate viewers around UKTV’s award winning brands, which includes Dave and Gold, in order to help them find their next favourite show. Prior to joining UKTV, Alasdair did quite a bit of channel hopping around the television industry working at Sky, the BBC and ITV. Alasdair is also a member of the ISBA Media Leaders and TV & Video Steering Groups and Secretary of InterMediaUK.



Stephen Yeo FCIM
B2B Marketing Director

Stephen Yeo has more than 28 years' experience in B2B Marketing. His experience includes European Marketing Director at Panasonic, UK Marketing Director at Dell Corporation and International Marketing Director at Wyse Technology, the world leader in thin clients.  

He is a global thought leader in the field of applying new technology to Marketing to deliver better business results, a transformed customer experience and improved business efficiency. Stephen has won multiple awards including Marketo’s 2017 Global Marketing Executive of the Year Award, and the 2004 CRM Business Leader of the Year Award. He is a Fellow of The Chartered Institute of Marketing.


Gregor Young
Head of Digital Brand

Gregor has 10 years' experience helping established brands deliver customer-first digital excellence. As Head of Digital Brand at BT Group, Gregor has led on many aspects of BT's digital transformation revolutionising digital design and web architecture, establishing social media and content marketing strategy, and introducing new group-wide enterprise software and partnerships. Gregor is a strategic thinker with an uncompromising drive for digital excellence and brilliant customer experience. He's got one foot in experience design and product development and the other in modern marketing and communications making him a well-rounded modern digital leader.



Nico Zazworka
Director Product Management - Product Analytics

Nico Zazworka is a director product management at Elsevier (part of RELX Group) advancing the set of analytical tools, methods and processes product managers use to improve their products and product experiences. He holds a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Maryland, where he published more than 20 peer-reviewed publications in the field of Computer Science.


Humaira Akhtar
Multi-Solution Architect

As an Adobe Multi-Solution Architect working in Professional Services pre-sales team, Huma helps the PSS team with various opportunities. In her previous life she worked on many implementation projects with high profile clients. She has more than 12 years of experience and brings a unique set of presentation, client facing and technical skills. Having worked with a host of customers spanning a variety of industries and technologies, Huma brings a real world experience and challenges to every engagement.



Steve Allison
Senior Manager, Product & Industry Marketing EMEA

Steve has worked as a technical and business development professional for over 20 years, with extensive experience of defining strategic product direction; devising and implementing go-to-market and strategic marketing plans; and developing and executing sales and field training.

Today, Steve heads up product marketing for Adobe’s audience and Data Platform technologies in EMEA – advising partners and clients how to create audience-centric strategies for advertising and marketing optimisation.



Ilie Ana
Adobe Media Analytics – Engineering Manager

Ilie is the engineering manager for the Video and Audio Analytics backend solution, responsible for data processing and API collection layer. He considers himself a customer focused engineering manager excited about exploring new M&E use cases while having a continuous focus on the performance and scalability of Adobe’s solutions.



Alberto Angeli
Adobe Analytics Cloud – Senior Consultant

Alberto started his carrier as a web developer, with a focus on frontend technologies, building sites and interfaces. Five years ago, he moved to Digital Marketing Consulting, specialising in Adobe Analytics, Audience Manager and Adobe Target.

Everyday he helps companies to reach their business goals through the Adobe technologies, gathering their needs and designing together the best solution to achieve these results.

Curious by nature and into big data, analytics, data visualisation, automation and machine learning.



Jack Ashman
Manager, Solutions Consulting
Marketo, an Adobe company

Jack has helped the world’s biggest brands define, execute and scale their digital strategies. He is a digital marketing expert and leader who enjoys understanding the goals, needs and pains of customers, and tailoring solutions that help them build brand, drive revenue and prove impact. 



Sade Bamidele
Senior Consultant & Team Lead

Sade Bamidele and her team are part of Adobe Consulting Services. Sade works with clients to realise the value of integrating the products in the Adobe Experience Cloud for Multi-Solution projects. Adobe Campaign is her specialist product. She works closely with clients to drive marketing automation efficiencies and implement a solution that supports their segmentation, personalisation, cross channel and reporting marketing objectives. Sade joined Adobe through the Neolane acquisition in 2013, throughout her nine years of experience she has worked on projects across varying industry verticals such as retail, media, transportation, finance and hospitality.



Vianney Baron
Solution Consulting Manager

With Adobe for 11 years, Vianney is solution consulting manager for the Adobe Experience Cloud in France. Working with companies of all sizes and in all industries, he helps marketing and digital teams build the best possible experiences for their customers. 




John Bates
Director - Product Management

John Bates is director of Product Management for Adobe Analytics Cloud. His core responsibility is to develop the software product roadmap for all data science, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine-learning based capabilities found within Adobe Analytics. Additionally, John is responsible for the strategy, vision and roadmap delivery of features supporting data privacy, security, and attribution found within Adobe Analytics. For more, read his blog.




Ben Beard
Group Product Manager

As an “Inspector Gadget” of Digital Marketing, Ben has spent the last nine years in the world of audience management, activation and optimisation. Ben shares his digital marketing strategy and product knowledge to help others understand how they can realise maximum value from their investment in Adobe’s Experience Cloud.




Peter Bell
EMEA Marketing Director
Marketo, an Adobe company

Peter Bell is an experienced executive with deep knowledge of the software industry and online media and over 25 years in marketing contributing to the success of some of the most recognisable global product brands. His specialty is understanding key market trends and developments and identifying the strategic implications to current products and services. An early pioneer in the PC & internet sector, Peter’s early roles were in technology, a passion and skillset that are more relevant to marketing than ever. Currently, Peter leads Marketo‘s marketing in EMEA.




Alisa Bergman
VP / Chief Privacy Officer

Alisa Bergman is currently vice president and chief privacy officer at Adobe Systems Inc. where she leads the Privacy Trust & Safety team. Bergman has been a senior executive, global chief privacy officer and law firm partner over the last 20 years. She has deep experience in privacy, data governance, as well as regulatory and public policy matters. Prior to joining Adobe, she was senior vice president & chief privacy officer at Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. Before coming in house, she was a law firm partner in three leading privacy practices (DLA Piper, Venable and Dentons) in Washington DC and Brussels.


Andreas Bjurling
Senior Solutions Consultant

Andreas has worked in the digital marketing and experience business in the Nordics since 2006. His experience covers customer training, post- and pre-sales engagements across multiple solutions and products in the Adobe stack. He speaks Swedish, Danish and English and is also an Ironman in the making.



Stephane Bline
Director, Product Management

In close collaboration with engineering, Stephane is responsible for the Adobe Campaign solution’s Product Management. With over 20 years’ experience working in the software industry, Stephane previously joined Neolane more than 14 years ago as head of professional services, where he played a critical role in leading the first 100+ cross-channel campaign management implementations. Stephane brings a deep and professional knowledge on how to build and apply technology to serve marketing business needs.



Flemming Blixt
Senior Solutions Consultant

Flemming is a senior solution consultant for Adobe Experience Cloud, specialised in Adobe Campaign and Adobe Experience Manager. From more than 20 years of experience with data driven Marketing and ecommerce Flemming has a wide area of expertise on creating a good customer experience utilising and maximising the data and assets available. Flemming is also a Marketing Automation expert and delivers Digital Strategy Consulting for Adobe in the Nordic Region.



Jan Borgwardt
Senior Value Consultant

Jan cooperates with Adobe customers to get the full value out of digital marketing and communications. The marriage of both, technical and communicative aspects, with the strategic goals of his business partners shows explosive, differentiated and highly forward-looking results. As being right in the centre of the experience business, Jan is able to precisely define the value of investing in the immersive liaison of data and content, to soar their experience business capabilities. 




Chris Bray
Principle Instructor

With over 25 years of experience as a professional Trainer, Chris is the principle instructor and evangelist for the Adobe Analytics Suite of Tools. Delivering training to clients on all aspects of website optimisation, from implementation to actual analytics insights, Chris is always focusing on the psychological and sociological aspects of the data being collected and how this can be best utilised to recognise individual online behaviour and to help companies to provide the best personalised experiences for anyone interacting with their digital interfaces. His approach and vision is always to encourage delegates to think somewhat differently.




Dan Britcher
Industry Lead – Media & Entertainment EMEA

As Adobe's Industry Lead for Media & Entertainment, Dan Britcher brings more than 20 years’ experience in business development, marketing and product strategy across the digital publishing, broadcast and technology sectors. Prior to joining Adobe, Dan held executive positions at Time Warner, Guardian Media Group and Yahoo with responsibility for digital and business transformation projects across the industry. 



Eva Bruchez
Solution Consultant

Eva is a solution consultant & experience designer in Adobe’s EMEA Solution Consultant team. Combining a background in economic psychology, consumer behaviour and digital marketing, with Adobe Eva guides clients to envision and design relevant customer experiences throughout their online and offline touch points. Eva enjoys guiding clients in their digital transformation; combining technology with strategy and business value processes. Before joining Adobe in 2018, Eva managed the digital marketing of Chiquita bananas.



Drew Burns
Group Manager, Product Marketing

Drew Burns is group manager, Product Marketing for Adobe Target. Prior to Adobe, Drew was an avid Adobe Target user and optimisation manager, and brings 16 years of agency, digital marketing and production experience, working with enterprise clients and companies in the entertainment and technology industries. At Adobe, he works alongside the leading enterprise companies in retail/ecommerce, travel & hospitality, financial, media & publishing, B2B High Tech and other verticals to improve and grow their optimisation and personalisation efforts, strategies and programs.



Beth Burns
Senior Account Solutions Consultant

Beth is a solutions consultant based in her adopted home town and favourite city - London. Over the past 15 years, she has worked closely with global brands to unlock the potential of their digital marketing ecosystem and leverage enterprise data to deliver exceptional customer experiences. 



Beth Carlson
Advanced Measurement Services, Advertising Cloud

As a member of the Advanced Measurement Services team, Beth builds differentiated solutions for advertisers to measure and optimise their media campaigns in relation to key business objectives. Originally from Southern California, Beth has worked in media and advertising for 10 years in New York and now London. Prior to Adobe, Beth worked as a media strategist at TubeMogul, and as a national TV buyer at MediaVest, now Spark Foundry. Beth got her start interning in the print world while studying for a B.A. in Media History & Theory from New York University’s Gallatin School, and an M.A. in Media Studies from The New School.



Lorenzo Cerchiara
Senior Solution Consultant

Lorenzo Cerchiara is a senior solution consultant at Adobe. He helps customers in Switzerland, Austria and Eastern Europe to build actionable data-driven marketing strategies with a focus on programmatic advertising. Lorenzo is specialised in online advertising platform projects, both from a commercial and technical perspective.

Before joining Adobe in 2018, he led the data monetisation unit of the largest advertising sales company in Switzerland, where he spearheaded a customer-centric approach to product development. When not working, Lorenzo enjoys driving his motorcycle through the Swiss and Italian Alps.



Adhiyan Chattopadhyay
Lead Technical Support Consultant

Adhiyan started his career in Adobe in the creative cloud family and moved into the experience cloud business as a technical support consultant. Adhiyan has around nine years of experience in technical support and operations and has recently moved into Dublin from India. Adhiyan is a qualified Aeronautical Engineer.



Kimaya Chaudhary
Product Marketing Manager, Audience Manager

Kimaya Chaudhary is a product marketing manager for Adobe Audience Manager. Prior to joining Adobe, she managed agency search marketing teams and built successful campaigns for Fortune 500 brands. Kimaya also received her MBA from UCLA Anderson School of Management.



Kunal Chopra
Product Manager

Kunal is a product manager for Adobe’s Data Management Platform also known as Adobe Audience Manager. Prior to joining Adobe, Kunal was a manager in the advisory practice of EY (Ernst and Young), where he led several strategy and digital transformation projects in the space of Identity Management, Cybersecurity and Privacy.



Robert Consoli
Director, Global Deliverability & ISP Relations

Robert Consoli is an industry leader in deliverability and currently serves as the director of Global Deliverability & ISP relations at Adobe.  He has more than 20 years of technology industry experience including, privacy, data governance, improving email delivery through best practices and ISP relations. Robert has a demonstrated track record of successfully building teams, helping growth-oriented companies expand operations and global reach while creating an amazing customer experience. Prior to Adobe Robert served as the head of Global Deliverability and Provisioning Services at IBM where he led teams responsible for the overall success of IBM’s email delivery, onboarding, provisioning and integrations.



Stelian Crisan
Product Manager

Stelian is a product manager for Video & Audio Analytics solution with focus on backend services (data processing, API collection) and the EMEA market. He has been working on this project since day one, starting as engineer and then, over three years ago, moved to Product Management. Stelian is always looking to find innovative solutions to support complex and various media use cases for M&E customers.



Jonas Dahl
Product Manager, AI/ML, AEM

Jonas Dahl, is a product manager for Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) and oversees machine learning projects for all AEM products. He is passionate about using prototyping and fast innovation to drive value through application of machine learning and data science. Dahl earned his MBA from the Yale School of Management where he focused on behavioural economics and data-driven marketing and he holds a Ph.D. in Engineering from Aalborg University, Denmark.


Alex Dal Canto
Product Marketing Manager

Alex Dal Canto is a product marketing manager for Adobe Campaign. In this role, Alex is responsible for bringing new Adobe Campaign releases to market and its mobile strategy, working closely with product management to help prioritise the roadmap based on market trends and customer needs, as well as positioning and promoting new features. Alex joined Adobe in 2014, through the acquisition of Neolane, where he was part of the Strategic Alliances group.



Anita Danford
Director of Customer Success & Enablement, Adobe Experience Cloud

Anita currently is the business leader driving the development of Adobe’s new Experience League, that provides personalised learning and skills development for companies and individuals and gamification for career advancing recognition applied to online learning, product use & community events. Anita’s expertise in enabling companies using Digital Experience software spans 20+ years in the industry and during this time she has gained a wealth of expertise in how to help companies get to use for highly complex and customisable enterprise software. Anita has a Masters Degree in Engineering from Stanford University and also spent one year in an Executive Development Program through Harvard School Of Business.



Bridgette Darling
Product Marketing Manager

Bridgette Darling is a product marketing manager for Adobe Campaign. In this role, she focuses on Adobe Campaign’s marketing and content strategy. For almost 10 years, Darling has helped brands deliver engaging, impactful and personal customer experiences by educating on channel best practices focused on data, content and execution. Darling graduated from Quinnipiac University in Hamden, CT with a BA in Public Relations. A New England native, when she’s not at work she can be found enjoying all four seasons up in the mountains or down at a beach on Cape Cod with her friends and family.



Joern Daudert
Solution Consultant

As Solution Consultant for Adobe Audience Manager and Advertising Cloud, Joern Daudert is responsible for driving the DMP & advertising business in EMEA. Joern joined Adobe with the acquisition of Efficient Frontier in 2014. He focused on the advertising part and after data management business started to grow in Europe. Joern also drove the customer success for Adobe Audience Manager. Joern holds a Bachelor of Arts in media management from the Media Design Hochschule in Berlin. Prior to Adobe, Joern worked in web analytics for a fashion company in Hamburg.



Victor de la Iglesia
Analytics Cloud Solutions Consultant

Víctor de la Iglesia is solutions consultant at Adobe Ibérica focused on Adobe Analytics, Adobe Audience Manager and Adobe Target. He has "geek" written in his DNA. That's why he has dedicated his career to digital marketing working always close to data activation, from the pure implementation of a web analytics tool or a DMP, to the extraction of insights and activation of these in personalisation or advertising. Prior to Adobe, Víctor worked as Conversion Rate Optimizer for ING Spain using the Adobe Experience Cloud Solutions (AA, AT, AAM).




Raffaele De Matteis
Senior Solution Consultant

Senior Solutions Consultant in the Enterprise Digital Marketing business unit with a specific focus on Adobe Experience Cloud solutions.

At Adobe, Raffaele helps customers deliver, manage and publish dynamic marketing assets through Adobe Experience Manager Sites and Adobe Experience Manager Assets, using his in-depth product knowledge and passion to provide technical expertise to the customer through sales presentations and product demonstrations.



Ian Dejong
APAC Expert Solution Consultant

Ian is one of Adobe's Multi-Solution Expert solution consultants with over 13 years’ experience in digital media and marketing. With a diverse skill set, Ian supports and guides our customers all the way from strategic alignment, technical implementation, through to operational readiness and success, thus playing a key role in bridging the gap between technical needs and business outcome.
Ian is also a key note speaker at many Adobe and customer events globally and drives thought leadership.
Here is an article he wrote last year - https://theblog.adobe.com/trust-the-currency-of-data/. 



Errol Denger
Director of Strategy and Product Marketing

Errol is the director of Strategy and Product Marketing for Adobe Experience Cloud. For almost two decades, he has helped brands innovate shopping experiences and transform themselves into omnichannel leaders. Starting as an internet entrepreneur in 1996, he’s been riding the ecommerce roller coaster embracing a wide range of challenges from working on Intershop’s first enterprise commerce platform to launching early Chinese commerce sites and helping the world’s leading brands with their ecommerce strategy. When he’s not geeking out on all things ecommerce, Errol is can be found on his mountain bike somewhere in the Santa Cruz mountains.


Quentin Derome
Practice Director, Digital Strategy Group

Quentin leads Adobe’s Digital Strategy Group (DSG) practice for the Telecommunications, Media & Technology industries in EMEA, and he is based in London. In his role, he works with senior decision-makers and digital marketing practitioners to help them become true Experience Businesses, by advising on their digital strategies, transformation roadmaps and value realisation plans. Quentin joined the Adobe family just over a year ago, coming from Accenture, where he was in charge of Coms & Media industry strategy. He has over 18 years’ experience in the consulting space and has worked for clients in Europe, the Middle-East and Asia.



Gurdeep Dhillon
Senior Director, Global Demand Generation
Marketo, an Adobe company

Gurdeep is an enterprise software veteran who has held a variety of roles during his career. He is currently head of Demand Generation at Marketo and in 2017, he was named a 40 Under 40 in Marketing. He loves sports, Star Wars, food, dogs and his family.




Francesco Di Egidio
Senior Solutions Consultant

Francesco Di Egidio is a senior solution consultant at Adobe with a focus on customer experience management and data driven marketing. In the past three years, he has worked with many Italian brands to guide them in the rapidly changing online world and to help them deliver a differentiating customer experience. Francesco is specialised in the technical as well as the business aspects of the emerging Adobe digital marketing solutions.



Philip Duffield
MD, Adobe Advertising Cloud EMEA

Philip Duffield is managing director of Adobe Advertising Cloud for EMEA. With over 15 years’ experience in media and advertising technology industries, Philip brings a wealth of knowledge to the business and has significant experience working across EMEA, US and Asia Pac. In his new role at Adobe, Philip's focus is on driving growth across the region and further strengthening Adobe’s strategic relationships with brands and agencies. He will also be reinforcing Adobe’s commitment to customer experience across its Advertising Cloud platform. Philip joins Adobe from consulting with Samba TV, a San Francisco-based data and analytics company that provides insights on TV audiences. Prior to this, he held several roles at AOL and was chief operating officer for Uncommon, an artificial intelligence recruitment platform.



Marc Eaman
Director, Digital Experience & Platform Evangelism

As Director, Digital Experience & Platform Evangelism for Adobe, Marc and his team are responsible for creating and representing the vision and value of Adobe Cloud Platform and Experience Cloud solutions in real-world use cases for the market, analysts, prospects, customers, and Adobe sales teams, globally.

Marc represents the business in the following areas:

  • Influence pipeline
  • Support enablement and Sales Velocity teams’ efforts
  • Help our customers understand and realise value from our solutions
  • Develop and deliver major event demos at Summits, Symposia, and Sneaks
  • Ensure Analyst “leadership” position

With thirty years of experience in high-tech marketing and sales management, Marc brings an insightful and balanced vision to audiences worldwide. A popular speaker at enterprise, government, press, and analyst events, he has been a featured presenter at industry conferences throughout North America, Europe, and Asia. He has also participated in keynote presentations at Digital Marketing Summit, FOSE, SAPphire, PDF Conference, Seybold Seminars, and MacWorld, as well as countless high profile technology events on radio, television, and the web.

In 2013, Marc was honoured with the prestigious Adobe Founders’ Award. This peer-nominated award recognises employees who exemplify Adobe’s core values of being Genuine, Exceptional, Innovative and Involved, who have made a significant contribution / impact to the company.



Justin Edelson
Senior Product Manager, Adobe Experience Manager

Justin Edelson has been responsible for managing, creating and maintaining high-scale web, mobile and interactive television applications for some of the biggest brands int the world for over 20 years. He is currently a Senior Product Manager in the Adobe Experience Manager group focused on Cloud Manager. Previously, Justin has been involved with Adobe Experience Manager as a Technical Architect in Adobe Consulting, a Global Evangelist, and an Engineering Project Lead. In addition, he is a committer and PMC (Project Management Committee) member of both the Apache Jackrabbit and Sling projects and is the co-author of two Java development books - Java & XML, 3rd Edition and JRuby Cookbook, both published by O'Reilly and Associates.


Peter Eiselt
Principal Solution Consultant

Peter Eiselt is principal solution consultant for the Adobe Experience Cloud. His main focus is the understanding of customer needs and how to help develop use cases and workflows within enterprises to break up existing silos. As a generalist, he demonstrates the value of using and sharing consistent information along all Adobe solutions – data-driven marketing with its derived marketing activities. Before joining Adobe via the Omniture acquisition in 2009, Peter worked for Hyperion Solutions and Oracle as a big data and planning/forecasting system consultant. He has a joint MBA and M.Sc. in Computer Science from Technical University of Darmstadt.



Joshua Eisikovits
Global Lead, Platform Support

Joshua joined Adobe full-time in August in 2016 as a technical support engineer for Adobe Target. In December 2017, he was the first support consultant in EMEA to complete the Customer Care Multi-Solution Architect program to setup and integrate Experience Cloud solutions (Adobe Target, Campaign and Experience Manager). Prior to Adobe and digital marketing, Joshua worked on front end and unit testing projects following his computer science degree. He now aims to utilise his skillset to help others overcome technical obstacles within the Adobe Experience Cloud.   



James Elliott
Senior Solution Consultant

James is well known throughout the Adobe Campaign community after enjoying the best part of eight years at Adobe. During this time he has worked with customers and partners worldwide to ensure they maximise the value of their investment in Adobe Campaign. James is experienced across multiple industries and Adobe Experience Cloud solutions, and always provides valuable insight and recommendations.



Sanne Erven
Senior Business Consultant & Digital Transformation Team Lead

Sanne is a senior business consultant and part of Adobe Consulting Services in Benelux. She works closely with clients to drive maximum value out of new and existing Adobe Experience Cloud product implementations. As a business consultant, she guides clients in the most optimal implementation and roadmap looking beyond the Adobe Experience Cloud technology: what does it take from strategic and business operations perspective to be successful in customer journey management, marketing automation, data driven marketing, optimisation and personalisation. Sanne joined Adobe in 2017, coming from strategy firm (Deloitte Digital), and has over 13 years of consulting know-how and expertise in Digital Transformation combining strategy, business processes and technology. She has worked across various industry verticals such as retail, B2B, media, finance and government.



Jan Exner
Manager, Adobe Consulting Services

As a consulting manager at Adobe, Jan is responsible for making customers successful. Leveraging more than 14 years of experience in the software development industry, Jan has worked with some of Adobe’s largest clients - including some of Europe’s largest brands - supporting companies’ online strategies and helping them achieve their overall business goals. He also organises "Digital Analytics Circle" meetings in Zürich. Jan has written and spoken about digital marketing for years.




James Eyles
Solutions Consultant
Marketo, an Adobe company

James is a Solutions Consultant at Marketo. He matches brands with the right combination of Marketo tools to take their B2B marketing to the next level. His background includes marketing, campaign management, sales, business development and project management, all with the common theme of delivering better and more powerful customer experiences.


Nathan Farner
AEC China Strategy and Operations

Nathan Farner is responsible for the Adobe Experience Cloud China Strategy and Operations. Over the past 5 years, Nathan has led initiatives to bring Adobe Experience Cloud to the APAC region, spending a portion of that time based in Sydney, Australia. Prior roles at Adobe include Product Management and Product Marketing for Experience Cloud. Before joining Adobe, Nathan spent 5 years in the industry working for an Omincom consulting agency, helping large technology brands bring their products to market. Nathan holds an MBA from Brigham Young University.




Sarah Ferrick
Senior Manager, Managed Services Product Marketing

Sarah Ferrick is the senior manager of Product Marketing for Adobe Managed Services. She leads a team responsible for building and executing go-to-market strategies that enable customers to be empowered by the cloud. With over 12 years of experience in digital marketing, Sarah has diverse experience across the Experience Cloud and is passionate about customer success.  



Henryk Fiedler
Lead Solutions Consultant

Henryk Fiedler is an Omnichannel Retail Expert, with over eight years of consulting know-how and expertise in the fashion retail and consumer goods industry. Specialised in digital transformation and omnichannel retail projects at a global scale, both from a strategy and business process, as well as from a technology perspective. 



Jeremy Finch
Product Marketing Manager

Jeremy Finch is a product marketing manager for Adobe Campaign, an email and cross-channel marketing solution within the Adobe Experience Cloud. Previously, he did user research and usability testing for a product design consultancy. He is inspired by multimedia storytelling and by being part of a creative team.


Daniela Fischer
Business Consulting Manager

Daniela has 15+ years experience in Digital Marketing and the online industry both in Germany and Australia.Expert knowledge in Adobe Analytics, Target, Audience Manager, Analytics Premium (Data Workbench) which she loves to share with her clients at Adobe. As a Business Consulting Manager, Daniela leads a team of A-Player Business consultants (Analytics, Audience Manager, Adobe Campaign and AEM), designing tailored marketing cloud solutions for Adobe's customers across EMEA.

And as a mother of two young girls, Daniela wonders how to share the passion of STEM (science, tech & maths) or to go mountain biking through the Alps with them.




Alex Fleming
Head of Marketing Operations
Marketo, an Adobe company

Alex Fleming is a marketer and leader focused on using data to improve operational processes and drive better customer outcomes. His experience includes marketing operations, channel marketing, data strategy and marketing automation in the networking and software industries. Throughout this journey, he has had the good fortune of learning from an exceptional group of colleagues and partners to push his knowledge in these areas. He finds relaxation away from work by skiing, biking, hiking and otherwise enjoying time with family. 



Stephen Ford
Deliverability Practice Manager EMEA

With over 11 years of experience in email marketing with eight years of deliverability consulting experience, Stephen has a thorough understanding of deliverability best practices, Internet Service Providers and industry tools. Stephen leads the deliverability practice in EMEA for Adobe Campaign; driving deliverability best practice, improving processes/documentation and strengthening relationships with the email community.


Jason Ford
Senior Solutions Consultant, EMEA
Magento, an Adobe company

Before joining Adobe and Magento, Jason worked directly with merchants of all sizes helping them to realise and build their ecommerce businesses. Now working as part of the Solution Consulting team, Jason is a Magento Commerce expert, helping identify business opportunities and how they can best be fulfilled by the Magento software suite, from unique customer experiences through to omni-channel product delivery.



Francois Fornaciari
Solution Consultant

François Fornaciari is solution consultant at Adobe, specialised in Adobe Experience Manager. Over the last ten years, he has participated in the development of backend end frontend solutions for various industries. François then joined Adobe as technical architect to support customers and partners implementing AEM projects, focusing on ergonomics and stability. In parallel, he delivers training and talks to promote innovative topics and best practices.



Logan Franey
Product Marketing Manager

Logan Franey is a product marketing manager for Adobe Experience Manager Forms, responsible for Financial Services, Insurance, and Healthcare. In this role, he drives sales & GTM strategy, marketing initiatives, partner strategy and competitive analysis. Previously, he spent time as a technical project/program manager in Thermo Fisher Scientific's IT portfolio management office. He also co-founded and sold an eCommerce business, heading up Product & Marketing functions. Logan has an MBA from UCLA Anderson and bachelor degrees in Information Systems and Industrial/Organisational Psychology from San Diego State University. He currently lives in San Francisco and enjoys home-brewing, snowboarding, travel hacking, and reading sci-fi & fantasy books.



Marion Freijsen
Strategic Business Advisor
Magento, an Adobe company

Marion Freijsen is a long-term technology professional. Her role prior to joining Adobe was as COO of e-Luscious B.V. the largest Dutch ecommerce player in wine and coffee. At e-Luscious she was responsible for transforming the company and implementing an ecommerce platform across 16 labels in six different countries. Prior to this role, she was the COO of the EFactor.com – the largest social network for entrepreneurs which she took public in 2013 in the USA. Throughout her career she has been instrumental in growing and expanding technology companies throughout Europe and the US. Over the past decade, she has gained extensive knowledge of social media and is recognised as an expert in e-commerce and (digital) communities. 

Marion has been a frequent visitor and speaker on TV channels such as NBC, CBS, ABC, Wall Street Journal TV and has sat on committees of both the Dutch and US governments on Job Creation and Funding Innovation. Marion holds a marketing degree from the Chartered Institute of Marketing in London.

She is a published author with the release of The N-Factor: How Networking Can Change the Dynamics of Your Business in 2007 and The EFactor: Entrepreneurship in the Social Media Age, released in November 2012. 

Marion holds a degree from the Chartered Institute of Marketing in London in International Sales & Marketing.



Ben Gaines
Group Product Manager

Ben Gaines is a group product manager for Adobe Analytics. In this role, he and his team work closely with Adobe customers to understand their needs, provides input on product strategy and roadmap, and manage the planning and design of new capabilities in Adobe Analytics. Previously he has been a manager of digital analytics at ESPN, a community manager and technical writer at Adobe, and a technical support engineer at Omniture. Ben has an MBA from the University of Utah and a BA from Brigham Young University. He lives near Salt Lake City, Utah, with his wife and three children.




Horia Galatanu
Group Product Manager

Horia Galatanu is a group product manager for Adobe Campaign where he helps drive the strategic vision and product roadmap for the next generation Experience Orchestration. His team is focused on Campaign’s Machine Learning, Integrations, Extensibility and big data Segmentation initiatives. He is a frequent speaker at industry conferences and has spoken TEDx about how easy it is to dismiss great ideas that don’t fit your viewpoint. Horia is a computer scientist by background and in the past has led products on online video and authentication. He has a bachelor’s and master's degree in computer science from the Polytechnic University of Bucharest.



Tania Garrett
Senior Director, Employee Experience EMEA

Tania joined the EMEA Employee Experience Team at Adobe in May 2016. She has over 20 years of diverse human resources and management experience spanning various industries and geographies within established industry leading organisations. She has extensive hands-on experience driving strategic HR initiatives, providing leadership through complex acquisitions and mergers and driving organisation design strategies to drive business performance.
At Adobe, Tania is responsible for all aspects of Employee Experience for the EMEA region. Prior to joining Adobe, Tania held the position of Group HR Director for a legal services company and was charged with navigating the sale of the business with a newly hired management team. Her previous experience was with Experian as HR Director across EMEA and before that Head of HR and HR services at Towers Watson who are a leading global professional services company. Earlier in her career she spent 13 years in a variety of roles at Valspar (the global paint and coatings specialist) culminating in the role of Human Resources Director across EMEA & India.

Tania earned her CIPD at Cheltenham & Gloucester College of Higher Education.



Aditya Ghule
Senior Product Marketing Manager, AEM Sites

Aditya has 10 years of software experience in various go-to-market strategy and product advocacy roles. He currently works as Sr Product Marketing Manager at Adobe. In this role, Aditya helps organisations leverage Adobe Experience Manager Sites, an industry-leading content management solution, to rapidly deliver engaging and personalised experiences across any digital touchpoint.



Melanie Gipp
Senior Marketing Manager
Marketo, an Adobe company

Melanie Gipp has been with Marketo (acquired by Adobe) for five years and is responsible for Marketo's central European marketing activities. In a prior role at Marketo, she ran field and enterprise marketing activities across EMEA. Melanie has 15 years of experience working internationally for Cloud-Software providers and has been working with marketing automation for almost 10 years. Melanie is passionate about engagement marketing, new technologies, modern events and data-driven marketing. Before she joined Marketo, Melanie was marketing manager DACH for NGA Human Resources and prior to that she built the EMEA Marketing organisation and led all EMEA Marketing activities at BigMachines (acquired by Oracle).




Anita-Mai Goulding
XD Strategic Development, EMEA

Anita-Mai has over 10 years’ experience in human-centred design and works with her customers to revolutionise their ways of working with Adobe XD. She loves working with design teams on creating meaningful and intuitive products, apps and services. Anita-Mai has had a lifelong infatuation with technology, innovation and the impact it has on people. She is always keen to learn how she can optimise her craft and is a classically trained opera singer.



Mark Gray
Solution Consultant

Based in the UK and part of the EMEA Solution Consulting Team at Adobe, Mark Gray specialises in helping prospects and customers understand the power of Adobe Analytics and how it can truly transform brands into data driven organisations.



Ryan Green
Senior Manager, Commerce Strategy

Ryan Green is a passionate digital marketer focused on driving value with technology. Previously, he ran multimillion dollar advertising campaigns for major universities such as Notre Dame, Villanova, and University of San Francisco. Later, he moved agency side where he executed multiple marketing channels for Fortune 500 companies. Rounding out his experience, he has worked as a top optimisation consultant on the technology side of the business. Ryan is keen to help companies maximise ROI and bring value wherever possible.


Carlos Guerrero
Multi-Solutions Architect and Consulting Manager

Carlos Guerrero is a multi-solutions architect and consulting manager with the Adobe Consulting team. He has been with Adobe for over 11 years, and currently spends most of his time working with clients advising them on how to make the best use of their Experience Cloud solutions and ensuring successful implementations. Although coming from a strong AEM background, as a multi-solution architect his expertise spans across all the solutions of the Experience Cloud.



Bret Gundersen
Director Product Management, Adobe Analytics

Bret Gundersen, director of product management for Adobe Analytics, is an expert in digital analytics, and has driven major improvements in Adobe Analytics and Adobe's Experience Platform over the last 10 years. He has worked with hundreds of the world’s top companies to ensure Adobe Analytics is solving the most important marketing and analytics problems. Prior to product management, Bret worked as a technical consultant for Omniture. Bret has a degree in Computer Engineering from Brigham Young University, and an MBA from the University of Utah. 



Shipra Gupta
Senior Product Manager

Shipra is a senior product manager for Adobe Campaign in Adobe's Experience Cloud Business. For the past three years she has been focused on building and expanding Mobile Engagement Automation and Cross-Channel Campaign Orchestration Capabilities of Adobe Campaign. She is passionate about Mobile Messaging and enabling marketers reach the mobile audiences of today through classical channels like SMS and Push but also new and emerging channels like Voice and Chat Platforms. Prior to being a Product Manager at Adobe, Shipra spent nearly 16 years in various engineering roles in telco, finance and retail industries. She has an MBA from McCombs School of Business and a Bachelor of engineering in Computer Science from India.


Shannon Hamilton
Product Manager, Adobe Target

Shannon Hamilton is a product manager for Adobe Target. She is responsible for machine learning and Sensei capabilities within Target, including Auto-Target, Automated Personalisation and Auto Allocate. Prior to Adobe, Shannon worked in management consulting, building customer experience strategies for clients across North America. Shannon holds an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University, where she specialised in marketing and data science.



Ryan Hamilton
Technical Support Consultant

Ryan joined Adobe in 2015, and was one of the founding members of the Audience Manager Customer Care team.  With a Masters in Business Administration and a professional background as a Web Developer, Ryan understands the challenges of developing and implementing software in a complex business environment.



Mathieu Hannouz
Senior Evangelist & Group Manager Adobe Experience Platform

Mathieu Hannouz is on the Subject Matter Expert team at Adobe working on external evangelism and internal enablement for Adobe's Cross-Channel Communication Solutions. With more than 15 years of experience in technology and marketing, and a proven track record with C-level audiences, Mathieu helps marketers translate strategy into technology and fuses it into the DNA of marketing, practices, people and culture. As a thought leader on cross-channel marketing strategies such as mobile, loyalty and online-offline, he also provides input on product strategy and roadmap development.

Mathieu holds a Master’s degree in Information Technology from Universite de Rennes 1 (France) and a Master’s Degree in Sales & Marketing from ICSV – CNAM in Paris (France). Mathieu is based in Boston - Massachusetts. Read more from Mathieu here.




Andrew Hawkins
Solution Consultant Specialist

Andrew is an adept and multi-talented individual with a strong track record of delivery in digital marketing - particularly analytics and insights, A/B testing, experience targeting, personalisation and optimisation across multi-channel environments.

Andrew works with brands from all verticals, of all sizes, and with a vast range of business objectives and technology stacks. Most importantly, perhaps, he takes genuine pleasure from seeing projects through from inception to fruition. In his own words: "Digital Marketing is rarely as complicated as it seems and we often miss clear and effective solutions that are easily achievable. Let's simplify things, get more done, and realise more opportunities."



Thomas Heinbach
Principal Solution Consultant

Thomas Heinbach has more than 25 years of experience in the IT business. He has worked for companies such as Computer Associates, Sun Microsystems, Interwoven, Omniture and for Adobe Systems since 2010. Over the last 15 years, he has specialised in optimisation of digital experiences and has supported dozens of customers in getting the best value out of their projects – leveraging technologies like customer experience management, analytics, testing and personalisation. When he’s not working with customers, Thomas lives in a small village close to the Bavarian Alps with his wife and two children.




Axel G. Heyenga
Industry Strategy Director

As Industry Strategy Director in Automotive, Axel G. Heyenga drives and leads the global Automotive Strategy & GTM at Adobe, helping automotive customers, partners and our field excel in their work. Working with all of the best brands in automotive, Axel has the opportunity to see and actively help executives get the latest on how to build outstanding and differentiating experiences for their customers.  

On behalf of Adobe, Axel builds automotive industry thought leadership and primary research for customers and partners. He also enjoys speaking at some of the most influential Digital Marketing events in US & EMEA. Since 2019, Axel has also taken up the EMEA Retail Industry vertical to adopt and drive Adobe's retail strategy within EMEA.

During the last 24+ years, Axel has worked in various exciting senior roles in sales, marketing and consulting. Companies he has worked for include digital & marketing agencies, media & internet companies – as well as sports management companies. Throughout his career he has had the opportunity to work with the best retail and automotive brands and he has been blessed to receive vast experience in sales, marketing & digital across these Industries.




Julie Hoffmann
Global Head of Industry Strategy & Marketing - Travel

Julie is a customer experience advocate and thought leader with 20+ years as a data driven marketer focused on eCommerce, Digital & Loyalty Marketing for Fortune 500 companies. She's lead numerous teams and organisations through digital transformations and developed strategies around change management to enable teams and empower individuals. Her biggest belief is that employee engagement, if properly supported by leveraging an individual's strengths, passions and skills, is the number one predicator to company success. Digital is the enabler to a better customer experience, but this path is evangelised by small to large teams of highly engaged employees focused on driving experiences that matter for customers.



Rob Hornick
Product Manager, Adobe Target

Rob Hornick is a product manager for Adobe Target, based in San Francisco. Rob is energised by building tools to personalise digital experiences and by putting advances in machine learning into marketers’ hands. Prior to joining Adobe, Rob was a Manager with Accenture Digital where he helped marketers optimise their processes and technology.


Cedric Huesler
Director, Product Management

Cedric Huesler is director product management for Digital Experience Management at Adobe. He joined Adobe with the acquisition of Day Software in 2010. In his role, he is responsible for product direction and strategy of Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) – with focus on web content management and in-venue/in-store experiences.

Prior to Adobe, Huesler was engineering director at Local.ch, Switzerland’s online phone book and Yellow Pages. Huesler has 16 years' experience in the web content management space. He lives in San Francisco (California) and loves spending time hiking and skiing.




Dana Icikzone
Solutions Consultant

As a Solutions Consultant with experience technology, Dana empowers customers to make quicker and smarter decisions in their marketing activities. She has a strong background in media strategy and technology leading to her main focus at Adobe in advertising and data management solutions. Dana is a leader in Diversity and Inclusion Development. She is also the founder of the Adobe Board Game Club in the Nordics. In her spare time, she is an avid traveller; her most breath-taking experience so far was the journey to the centre of the Earth.




Rob In der Maur
Principal Solution Consultant

Rob enables, educates and support customers and business partners on Adobe’s Experience Cloud strategy, more specifically on the marketing solutions it encompasses. A technologist with business background having both solution consulting and implementation skills. He knows what he likes, and likes what he knows.




Uli Isermeyer
Senior BDM Document Cloud

Dipl. Ing. Uli Isermeyer is responsible for the Adobe Document Cloud and Technical Communication as a product specialist at Adobe in Munich. After studying of wood technology, he worked 17 years in the CAD Software Industry at vendors like Autodesk or Graphisoft, in leading positions in sales and marketing. In 2005, Uli joined Adobe to build up vertical markets for Acrobat and PDF. Since then, he has been working with customers so they become more productive with the Adobe Products in the document business and technical communication. Uli Isermeyer works closely with Product Management and presents the value of the newest Adobe Technology at many workshops, events, webinars and congresses.



John Jolliffe
Senior Manager, Strategic Development, Document Cloud


Petar Karafezov
Director, Consumer GTM & Sales, EMEA

Petar leads Consumer & Digital Go-to-Market and Digital Media Sales team in EMEA. His team is responsible for Adobe.com, mobile, and retail strategy and programs to leverage the diversity of EMEA markets covering the entire customer lifecycle - acquisition, retention and customer growth. Previously, Petar has held key roles in Testing & Optimisation and Web Strategy teams leading a number of break-through initiatives like the first in-product gamification for Photoshop.
Prior to joining Adobe, Petar held various .com positions at SF Bay Area and Pacific Northwest startups, and completed his MBA from the Haas School of Business, Berkeley.




Olympe Kassa
AEM Senior Consultant

As an AEM Senior Consultant at Adobe Consulting, Olympe helps his customers and partners to deliver successfully their AEM projects. He is based in Paris-France and covers the EMEA South West region.

Olympe holds a Computer Science Master’s Degree from a French engineering school. He has evolved with passion in the IT industry over the last ten years. He started his career as an IT Consultant at Capgemini, where he has been involved in several major projects and has worked with different web technologies. He joined Adobe early 2016.

Olympe is a solution-driven consultant and loves being in the field, helping his customers to tackle their technical challenges; always after having clearly understood and challenged the business requirements. He is highly experienced in web technologies: specially in AEM. He loves explaining technical solutions, share best practices and troubleshoot issues. Olympe is a true Web Technologies Swiss Army knife.


Joe Khoury
Engineering Manager

Joe Khoury is a lead software engineer at Adobe for almost three years now. His first challenge was taking on MCID, also known as the ID Service, a core service in the Experience Cloud. He is also a main collaborator on the Unified JS project that aims to unify, improve and standardise on the way we write JavaScript code and libraries within the Adobe Experience Cloud.

With GDPR, Joe has architected and built “AdobePrivacy.js”, a client side library that gives customers a holistic way to gather IDs in the browser across Adobe’s various Solutions,
as well as the “Opt-In Object” designed to let you control whether and which Experience Cloud solutions can create cookies on web pages for visitors prior to user consent.



Brian Egerup Kjaerulff
Senior Solution Consultant, Adobe Target

Brian Kjærulff has a broad range of experience in the field of Business Development, Optimisation and Analytics with the aim of improving business performance and customer experience.

After nearly 20 years as an external and internal advisor and consultant within B2C and B2B in leading international companies across various industries he has created value for industry leaders such as GE, LEGO, Arla, Experian and a number of Adobe’s customers cross industries like Retail, Banking, Travel, Telco and B2B.  

At Adobe Brian works with clients to get the most value out of Adobe Target and Adobe Analytics. 




Greg Klebus
Group Product Manager

Greg Klebus is group product manager on Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) team. He is responsible for product development and strategy in the area of Content Velocity and connecting Creative Cloud and Marketing Cloud. Previously responsible for AEM Assets and content repository in the Adobe Experience Manager product line (CRX), Greg has a good understanding of content management solutions for marketing and IT at large companies. He joined Adobe in 2010 with Day Software acquisition and has 12 years of experience with Adobe Experience Manager / CQ products. Prior to that, Greg worked on crafting software in various roles, including developer, project manager, and engineering manager. He holds a Masters degree in Computer Science. In his free time, Greg enjoys photography, music and travel.




Michael Klein
Director, Industry Strategy and Marketing - Retail, Travel & CPG

Michael Klein is the head of Industry Strategy - Retail, Travel & CPG - for Adobe Systems. He is responsible for Adobe’s point-of-view and messaging in the commerce verticals, and works with Adobe’s global commerce clients to help them develop best-in-class digital marketing strategies. Michael is a retail industry leader, regularly contributing to industry events. His vast experience includes over 25 years as a senior merchant and marketer for multiple brands including William-Sonoma, Harry & David, Discovery Channel Stores, eLuxury.com (LVMH Group), and wine.com. He joined Adobe through the Omniture acquisition in 2009. Michael is an active member of the NRF Digital Council and the Global Retail Marketing Association.




Gordon Knoppe
Magento Services Practice Lead, EMEA & APAC

Gordon is a solutions architect who has been working with the Magento Platform since 2010. Drawing on a deep background in business and commerce, he has lead or collaborated with the largest and most advanced solutions deployed on Magento. At Adobe, Gordon’s team of experienced Magento consultants work with merchants, system integrators and technology partners to deliver innovative and scalable commerce experiences.




Timo Kohlberg
Senior Product Marketing Manager

Timo Kohlberg is a digital marketing and cross-channel campaign management expert, focusing on creation of superior customer experiences. At Adobe, he is a senior manager of product marketing for Adobe Campaign (within the Adobe Experience Cloud) leading go-to-market strategy, communication, and business development across EMEA and other global regions. Timo is a renowned speaker at leading digital marketing events and congresses, and a thought leader on artificial intelligence, content velocity, customer journey management and mobile marketing strategies in B2B as well as B2C. Timo Kohlberg has 10 years of experience in the software industry, working for mid-size and enterprise companies including Infor, where he was responsible for Product Marketing and Demand Generation, covering key regions in EMEA. He holds a degree in Business Administration with emphasis on Marketing from Northumbria University in Newcastle and Munich University of Applied Sciences.




Haresh Kumar
Director of Strategy and Product Marketing

Haresh has more than 18 years of experience in marketing, product and strategy for world-class enterprise brands. At Adobe, he is responsible for driving the overall strategy, product, and marketing for Adobe Experience Manager Sites, Mobile, Screens and Connected Experiences. He has been an evangelist for digital and mobile experiences, driving mobile innovations for over 10 years. He is a seasoned professional with experience in brand management, product management, product marketing, sales marketing, demand gen and industry marketing.

Haresh started his career as an engineer and has held various leadership positions at IBM, Google, Yahoo, Twitter and Lithium Technologies. Haresh holds a B.S. with honours in Electrical and Computer Engineering and Economics from University of Rochester and a M.B.A. from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.




Darin Kuntze
Experience Architect, AEM

Darin Kuntze is a partner development manager in the Adobe Partner Development team primarily focused on partner/customer product adoption as well as delivering technical, multi-solution architecture best practices to the community.




Ananya Kuthiala
Senior Technical Support Consultant

Ananya started with Adobe in February 2014 as a part of Creative cloud team and gradually moved in to Adobe Campaign. Based in Dublin, Ananya relocated from New Delhi, India in 2017. Ananya has spent the last eight years working in the customer service vertical focusing on technical support for individual and enterprise customers



Jen Lasser
Adobe Analytics Product Manager

Jen Lasser is a product manager for Adobe Analytics. In this role, she meets with customers to understand their business needs, and uses these interactions to inform the Analytics product roadmap & prioritise new features. Previously, she was a principal consultant within the Adobe Consulting team, functioning as the subject matter expert of Data Visualisation, Analysis Workspace and Report Builder. Prior to joining Adobe, Jen worked both client and agency side in marketing analytics. Jen holds a degree in General Engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Originally from Chicago, she now lives in Salt Lake City with her husband and rambunctious puppy.




Cedric Latimier
Senior Technical Support Consultant

Cédric joined Adobe in 2017 with 17 years of industry experience providing web and software development and support for the retail industry.

Located in Basel (Switzerland), he has been working in the EMEA Customer Care team as a Senior Technical Support Engineer. In this role he has been supporting Adobe customers by liaising with the different Digital Marking support teams as well as with the engineering teams, in order to qualify and to drive the resolution of customer’s inquiries as quickly as possible.



Francois-Xavier Le Ray
Head of Southwest EMEA, Adobe Advertising Cloud

Head of Southwest EMEA, Adobe Advertising Cloud, François-Xavier Le Ray, has more than 12 years of experience in the media industry, having started his career in media groups such as Lagardère or CBNC where he took over multiple sales responsibilities. Prior to joining TubeMogul in 2015, François-Xavier was sales director, then country manager of Specific Media (now Viant Advertising Cloud). During the last four years, he has led Tubemogul's French business and has seen the transition from a start-up post IPO to being acquired. He is now in charge of Adobe Adverting Cloud roll-out across southwest EMEA.


Kevin Lindsay
Director of Product Marketing

Kevin Lindsay is head of strategy and product marketing for Adobe’s digital asset management (DAM) solution Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Assets. A content velocity and personalisation expert, Kevin believes that modern, AI-powered content strategies are key to bridging the gap between creative and marketing/CX execution, and eliminating the content bottlenecks that inhibit personalised digital experiences. Prior to its acquisition by Adobe, Kevin led optimisation and personalisation product marketing at Omniture. With more than twenty years in tech, he considers himself is a true industry veteran (and is happy to share stories from the those crazy dotcom days). Kevin hails originally from western Canada, but has enjoyed life in the Silicon Valley for many years.




Maxwell Mabe
Senior Product Marketing Manager, AEM Assets

Max is a subject matter expert in the field of Digital Asset Management and Rich Media. He has provided consulting services for a large number of companies across a wide range of verticals. While at Apple, he led a digital experience team, managing rich media and delivering worldwide omnichannel experiences for Mobile, Web, App, Services and In-Store.



Mike Madden
Head of Demand Generation - Commercial
Marketo, an Adobe company

Mike Madden is the Head of Commercial Demand Generation at Marketo, responsible for both new business bookings and cross-sell into the existing customer base. Outside of work, he is a big fan of M&Ms, early morning rounds of golf and hiking.



Steve Martin
Senior Account Solutions Consultant

Steve is an experienced IT professional who is passionate about the coming together of people and technology, its implications and how we can better understand and use it to our advantage in a Digital Marketing context. 

With 20+ years of experience in IT and over 12 years of that focused specifically on marketing technology, Steve has worked with many of the top brands across Europe to realise the goal of putting the right content in front of the right customer at the right time.



Achim Martini
Senior Solution Consultant

Achim Martini is a Munich based senior solution consultant at Adobe, supporting the entire Experience Cloud range. He has more than 10 years' background in IT project roles within development, consulting, architecture, requirements engineering and project management in the media industry.

In his eight years with Adobe, Achim has worked with some of the most well-known brands in Germany, demonstrating the value of Adobe Experience Cloud technology.

His focus is around the content management and delivery, user experience, hybrid CMS, mobile solutions, also personalisation, analytics, optimisation and system integration. Achim dedicates his knowledge and experience to help customers in their digital transformation.



Frederic Mary
Senior Product Manager

Frédéric is a senior product manager for Adobe Campaign. In his role, he is responsible for product direction and definition with a focus on developing Campaign’s content creation and personalisation features.



Eric Matisoff
Senior Evangelist, Analytics & Data Science

Eric Matisoff is the senior evangelist for analytics & data science at Adobe with 10+ years of digital experience working with data and visualisations. Eric has spent his time in the industry driving implementation, optimisation, analysis and data integration projects for dozens of Adobe customers on hundreds of digital experiences across high-tech, automotive, consumer products, financial, travel, retail and healthcare verticals. Eric works with Adobe’s largest accounts to help align their business strategies to the vision Adobe has defined for data ingestion, analysis and action.




Stephanie Maziol
Sales Specialist Manager, Southwest Europe

At Adobe, Stéphanie Maziol, Sales Specialist Manager, defines a go-to-market strategy for Southwest Europe and leads an international team of sales specialists to position the value of Adobe Campaign. She is an expert at deriving superior customer experience from cross-channel marketing. She advocates moving organisations beyond one-sided messaging to fully personalised and actionable communications to connected consumers. Stephanie focuses on all aspects of cross-channel campaign management, including campaign orchestration, 1 to 1 personalisation, and journey management. For over 15 years, Stéphanie has acquired diversified solutions marketing and management experience at start-up, mid-size and Fortune 500 companies. 




Shaun McCran
Multi Solution Architect, Partner Development

Shaun is a seasoned Enterprise and Multi Solution Architect with over 20 years of Architecture and design implementation experience. More recently he's brought his development and architecture experience to bear in the partner development team at Adobe, where he's the EMEA lead for Adobe Campaign. He's actively worked with 150+ partners, on over 200 projects in the last two years, across FSi, Automotive, Retail, Travel & leisure, Sport and Gambling.



Campbell McDermid
Digital Strategy Group, Practice Director

Campbell started life as a commercial mountaineer climbing in the Himalayas, Asia and Europe and via travel and airline roles became more focused on technology, digital and marketing. He has worked in digital marketing for over 10 years both client side (British Airways and Dell) and as a digital strategy consultant (Salesforce and for himself) and most recently for Adobe.

In his current role, Campbell leads the Auto, CPG and Travel verticals for DSG in EMEA and is responsible for helping clients define their digital strategy, architecture and transformation.



Marc Meewis
Principal Solution Consultant

Marc Meewis is a principal solution consultant for the Adobe Marketing Cloud in the Benelux region. In his role, Marc acts as the subject matter expert for Adobe Experience Manager and Adobe Campaign. His focus and interest is in helping organisations take full advantage of digital content and actionable data to increase customer engagement with digital experiences across multiple channels.



Thomas Meyer
Director, Digital Strategy Group

Thomas leads Adobe’s Digital Strategy Group (DSG), a team of strategy professionals which advise executives from the world's top brands on digital experience, digital transformation, business growth and how to become an “Experience Business”. Prior, he spent 16 years with McKinsey & Company as a management consultant, advising CMOs on Brand and Marketing Strategy and authoring McKinsey’s book on Branding (“Mega-Macht Marke”). Thomas holds a master’s degree in Industrial Engineering and Management from the University in Hamburg and completed his PhD degree in the field of International Management at the Technical University in Braunschweig.




Chris Millar
Engineering Manager

Chris Millar is an engineering manager for adobe.com where he oversees the the platform that powers all AEM-based web properties. He is an Apache Software Foundation committer, AIGA member, and lives at the intersection of technology and design.


Pedro Monjo
Principal Consultant

Pedro is a principal consultant at Adobe UK, working mainly as a multi-solution architect. In his current role, he leads digital transformation programmes for big corporations. He is passionate about helping others, supporting Adobe customers make the most of their investments in the Adobe Experience Cloud. Before Adobe, Pedro worked as a developer, university lecturer, entrepreneur and project manager, with a total of 17 years’ experience.




Karthik Muralidharan
Product Marketing Manager, AEM

Karthik Muralidharan is a product marketing manager for Adobe Experience Manager Sites, responsible for the sales and go-to-market strategy for the midmarket segment. Prior to joining Adobe, he worked as a management consultant advising clients on sales force and channel effectiveness as well as developing customer loyalty programs. Karthik holds an MBA from The University of Chicago Booth School of Business and a BS in Chemical Engineering from UCLA.



Mihir Naware
Product Manager, ML/AI Intelligent Services

Mihir Naware is a product manager in the Intelligent Services team in Adobe Experience Cloud. He is passionate about using the best ML/AI approaches to impact key business metrics in digital commerce. At Adobe, he focuses on building products around Commerce Content Intelligence, allowing businesses to be more effective in their engagements with customers. Prior to Adobe, he held product leadership positions at some of the world's largest ecommerce companies, and successfully founded and exited two startups in that field. He holds an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management and a B.Tech. from IIT-Kharagpur.



Jo O'Connor
Principal Solutions Consultant

Jo has always been fascinated by solving problems, which is probably why she is now a solutions consultant. At Adobe she works with customers and partners to use Adobe technology solutions to deliver real business value. She started her working life as a scientist, and has now come full circle. Increasingly using the data and modelling techniques from those days to help customers move into the world of machine learning and artificial intelligence. The world is changing, and she is proud to be working with Adobe to help her customers to move in that changing world with confidence.




Erin O'Connor
Product Marketing Manager

Erin attended the University of Wisconsin, Madison where she studied Marketing, Digital Studies and Spanish. After graduation, she moved out to the Bay Area and joined Adobe Campaign’s product marketing team. Her background in both product and sales helps her advocate for the customer in the product development process. Erin supports the go-to-market strategy team for Adobe Campaign and has a special focus on the Latin America region, competitive intelligence and win/loss analysis. In her free time, she’s an avid photographer, yogi, and language enthusiast.



Alexandra Ong
Manager, Strategic Business Development

Alexandra is the strategic business development manager for Adobe Advertising Cloud overseeing supply and data partnerships in EMEA. Not only sourcing, building and managing relationships with premium partners, Alexandra also looks at opportunities with new and emerging media across the EU and the inventory and sales strategy.



Matteo Oriani
Senior Solutions Consultant – Digital Media

Matteo Oriani, a senior solutions consultant passionate about Digital Imaging, focused for more than 15 years in Digital Media Experience. Matteo helps and drives Adobe customers through creation workflow and how manage digital assets. For the last 12 years at Adobe, he has focused on Digital Media Solutions at enterprise level providing technical and consultancy expertise, through the entire sales cycle. He provides product demonstrations, vision & business presentation, engaging IT and business department.



Sonali Patel
Solutions Consultant

Sonali Patel is part of the EMEA Solution Consulting Team at Adobe based in the UK, specialising in helping prospects and customers understand the power of Adobe Analytics and Adobe Target, and how these solutions can grow and influence business decisions. Sonali has been with Adobe for five years and prior to that, worked at Viacom and Ticketmaster where she managed and developed the digital analytics platforms internationally, using Adobe Analytics to deliver relevant insights to business questions. 



Trevor Paulsen
Principal Product Manager

Trevor is a principal product manager for Adobe Analytics focusing primarily on customer intelligence and the Adobe Analytics data processing platform. Trevor comes from the world of aerospace engineering and robotics. He studied estimation theory and data mining techniques before leading Adobe's data science consulting team - delivering predictive analytics solutions to many Fortune 500 companies. As an Adobe Analytics product manager, Trevor is currently responsible for Adobe Analytics' data processing, query, attribution, and machine learning technologies across 11 global data centres.




Tom Payne
Senior CSM Manager

A highly motivated, innovative digital experience change advocate, managing the Global Adobe Sign Strategic and Partner Client Success function at Adobe. With over 10 years of experience in software lead innovation, Tom’s passion is delivering the next cutting-edge technologies to improve the way people live, communicate and execute business. His energy and drive further extend into his personal life, completing marathons and cycling around the Cotswold hills, whenever family life allows!


Ricardo Pereira
Partner Development Manager

Technical Partner Development Manager at Adobe responsible for enabling their partners on Adobe Campaign and the respective integrations with the rest of the Experience Cloud. He has over a decade of experience working in Marketing Automation, Loyalty and Payment Technology with large enterprises and global agencies.  



Eric Perrin
Senior Group Product Manager

Eric has had several professional lives. After studying marketing and sales, he started in technical sales, then moved to sales. Three years later, Eric changed his skills to figure out the dark side of the application and became a developer, starting from zero, but hugely motivated. This experience gave Eric the mandatory background to progress to project leader, then product manager. Eric joined Adobe five years ago, as product manager and then took the lead of EMEA product management team one year later. During this journey, he became a father. She’s now 18. The family now spends their time traveling around the world. Find the right balance between professional and personal life is the key!



Francesca Perucchetti
Solution Consultant

After a Master’s Degree in Economics, Francesca Perucchetti  joined the international consultancy firm, Accenture, as an omnichannel technology consultant, where she focused on ecommerce solutions design, marketing & content management and analytics tracking implementation. Francesca has been involved in several omnichannel ecommerce projects across Europe, acting within the most interesting and performing solution on the market: the Adobe Experience Cloud. She is a team a player, who loves challenge and her passion for innovation and digital technologies made her join Solution Consulting team at Adobe this year.


Nishant Pithia
Technical Partner Development Manager (Microsoft)

Nishant is a partner focused partner solutions consultant who, in his current role, specialises in Adobe/Microsoft technology integrations. He has extensive experience consulting and implementing web-based solutions using cloud technologies. With over 10 years’ experience in the Martech space, his current role focuses heavily on transforming digital business by combining the power of the Microsoft and Adobe technology stacks. Prior to his current role, Nishant focused on web analytics, managing user data through data management platforms and optimisation, alongside wider digital marketing responsibilities. In the partner world, he is responsible for creating development strategies with the aim of helping partners build and deliver solutions that generate revenue and solve our client’s business problems; all with the power of the Adobe Experience Cloud.



Michael Plimsoll
Senior Manager – EMEA Product & Industry Marketing

Michael is a seasoned innovative marketer focused on driving efficiencies and improved return on investment through the better use of data and content in marketing. He has an extensive background in data driven marketing, content management, cross-channel marketing and digital advertising.

Michael is currently senior manager at Adobe, responsible for Financial Services across EMEA. In this role he helps Adobe’s FSI customers to better achieve their marketing objectives through deep industry insight and best practises, as well as ensuring they are maximising their use of Adobe solutions.

Prior to Adobe, Michael has held various client side and agency roles at companies such as BSkyB, Ogilvy and Wunderman Interactive, working on such accounts as American Express, Microsoft, IBM and BT. Within these roles he oversaw the delivery of successful BTL marketing campaigns for both B2C and B2B.




Christophe Protat
Product Manager

18 years working with software... Time goes by so fast when you have fun! 20 years working with customers... time goes by so fast when you learn from them! Building software which helps customers... There is no better definition of his expectation being at Adobe. Christophe joined Adobe family six years ago as a senior consultant on Adobe campaign. Then he made his way from project to project, customer to customer, implementing Adobe’s Experience Cloud solutions to join the Product Management team a year ago. There is no more exciting job being the voice of the customers and ensuring Adobe is on the right way to make Technology and Customers stronger together.



Dan Raffe
Senior Solution Consultant – AEP & AAM

Dan Raffe is on the Adobe team as a solution consultant focusing on Adobe Audience Manger and Experience Platform. Prior to joining Adobe, Dan held positions at Centro where he ran a programmatic buying team of 30+ working on both pre-sales and implementation for clients. He also created and led a programmatic buying team at Mindshare for his client Kimberly-Clark. Dan lives in Chicago with his wife Kacy and their daughter 2 year old Jillian. Originally from Minnesota, Dan is an avid hockey fan. He also enjoys motorcycles, cars, and Formula 1 racing, and even traveled to Monaco for the F1 Grand Prix in 2015.


Andrew Rennison
Agency Partnerships, EMEA, Advertising Cloud

Andrew helps drive Adobe’s Agency Partnership efforts across the EMEA region, for the Adobe Advertising Cloud Platform. He joined Adobe in 2017 via the acquisition of TubeMogul, prior to which he held roles at Specific Media and The Virgin Media/UKTV Sales House, Ids.



Duane Richards
Engineering Manager/Architect

Duane is a 25-year veteran of computer engineering and has been with Adobe for seven years. He began working on the GDPR services solution for Adobe Experience Cloud in August of 2017 and is the engineering manager and architect of the GDPR API. He firmly believes in “privacy by design” and loves solving issues for Adobe’s customers.



Stephan Rifbjerg
Solutions Consultant

Stephan’s big passion is innovation, and with over 20 years of experience in Software Engineering, he has a solid foundation of technical experience. Combining this with many years in agencies gives him a unique perspective both from solution and business. In his role as a solutions consultant, he is considered the trusted technical advisor ensuring the best solution and strategy for the customer. Always ready for a talk, always ready for a challenge or to challenge.  

In his own words “My number one single most important traits are honesty, trust and integrity. I believe with these traits, the relationship between us as a vendor and the customer becomes a partnership where we the right solution in a synergetic definition.”




Jim Rivera
Senior Director, Product Management, Marketing Cloud

Jim leads product for the Adobe Experience Platform. He is responsible for strategy, roadmap and delivery of Adobe’s data, edge and client-side platforms, core services, and machine learning and AI development framework. Jim is passionate about platforms and is true believer in the network effects made possible by empowering ecosystems of developers to achieve common goals through technology. The vast majority of Jim’s 20+ year career has been focused on building and delivering some of the most successful and innovative products within the enterprise application development and Platform as a Service markets. Prior to joining Adobe, he spent 8 years and Salesforce and led product teams responsible for Salesforce1, Force.com, Database.com and Salesforce Shield. He has also lead product teams at BEA systems (acquired by Oracle) and Cape Clear Software (acquired by Workday) delivering market-leading leading products such as the WebLogic Server platform.


Lukas Ryf
Director Web Platforms

Lukas is a director at Adobe responsible for Adobe’s Web Platforms, including the Adobe.com platform and other AEM platforms. Lukas originally joined Day Software 1999 and has been involved in several AEM implementations since then. For some time as a consulting director, being responsible for customer's AEM (CQ) implementations in Europe and the US. After the acquisition for Day Software by Adobe, Lukas took over the adobe.com space and relocated to San Francisco. After the birth of his boy and girl twins, he and his family moved back to his hometown Basel, Switzerland. 


Pari Sawant
Director of Product for Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Pari Sawant is the director of Product for Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence for the Adobe Cloud Platform. Pari has deep expertise in data science, technology, marketing and product management in both enterprise and consumer software. Prior to Adobe, Pari was vice president of Product for Data Science and Analytics at MetricStream, a market-leading enterprise cloud company. Additionally, Pari has held senior leadership positions at Fiserv, eBay and Hewlett-Packard. Pari has an MBA from the Haas School of Business, Berkeley and a MS in Computer Sciences from the State University of New York at Binghamton.



Geoffroy Schneck
Practice Lead, Customer Care

After seven years spent as Software Engineer using old (Cobol) and more recent technologies (J2E), Geoffroy joined Adobe in 2011 and integrated the AEM Support team in the Basel office. 

From senior engineer to team lead, and after 3 years spent managing the AEM in-region Customer Care team and being responsible for the Operations of the Support Service for the EMEA region, Geoffroy now leads the Practice for Customer Care on the Experience Cloud.

Outside of work, Geoffroy takes care of his three-year old son, and participates in several half-marathons and triathlons each year.




Michael Sciano
Senior Product Marketing Manager

Michael Sciano is a senior product marketing manager for Adobe Campaign, leading the global Customer Engagement, Adoption and Retention strategy. Michael creates and delivers a wide variety of programs, tools, content and events to help customers engage with the Campaign community, learn more about Adobe Campaign, and realise more value. When he's not working, Michael can be found outside with his wife and 3 kids, working on their family's 140+ year homestead farm in Southern Indiana, USA where they raise cattle, goats and chickens.




Elliot Sedegah
Group Manager, Strategy & Product Marketing

Elliot is a senior product marketing manager for the Adobe Experience Manager. For over 10 years, Elliot has worked with major brands and government organisations in various software engineering, product management and IT consulting roles. His focus and interest is in helping organisations take full advantage of digital content in online, mobile and social channels to increase customer engagement with digital experiences.




Abhinav Sharma
Solutions Consultant

Abhinav Sharma is a digital analytics professional with expertise in devising and implementing strategies for digital data analysis and insights. As a digital analytics practitioner, he has over 10 years of experience working with varied organisations including consultancy, client-side and solution vendors. He currently work as a solutions consultant with Adobe Inc. in London, helping customers to optimise their digital strategies and ROI using Adobe Experience Cloud solutions for marketing and analytics.



Daniel Sheinberg
Senior Director, Adobe Target Product Management

As Senior Director of Product Management for Adobe Target, Daniel Sheinberg drives overall strategy and owns the product roadmap for Adobe’s optimisation and personalisation engine. He and his team are responsible for decisions ranging from high-level planning investments to daily product development guidance in support of customers’ ability to deliver compelling and relevant digital experiences. Daniel joined Adobe in 2013 from Microsoft, where he led yield management and the advertising exchange for Microsoft’s display advertising business.




Lakshmi Shivalingaiah
Group Product Manager

Lakshmi Shivalingaiah is a group product manager with Adobe Audience Manager team, responsible for driving product strategy for Data Science, Data Privacy and Audience Marketplace. She has several years of product strategy experience in various areas such as marketing automation, data management platform, data science, data governance and video streaming. By education, she has a bachelors in Electronics and Communication Engineering with an MBA from Haas School of Business, Berkeley.



Matt Skinner
Product Marketing, Adobe Audience Manager

Matt Skinner is a product marketer for Adobe Audience Manager, Adobe’s DMP. Prior to joining Adobe he spent 10 years in media buying and media strategy, both agency and client-side, with a focus on integrated digital marketing.



Corey Spencer
Director, Product Management

Corey Spencer is director of product management for Adobe Experience Platform. More specifically, his team owns Launch, Auditor, Auditor Chrome extension, DTM, Adobe Opt-in and some new and exciting projects that are currently being developed. He's been in the industry for 16 years and is passionate about the future of experience led businesses.




Brewster Stanislaw
Head of Product and Strategy

Brewster has been been creating industry-defining marketing analytics and attribution products for the past decade. As Head of Product and Strategy for B2B Analytics at Adobe, he builds products to help marketers measure and improve the impact of their omni-channel marketing efforts. Most recently, he was part of the Senior Leadership Team at Marketo where he served as VP of Product and Strategy. Brewster came to Marketo as part of its acquisition of Bizible, where as an Executive Team member he was responsible for all aspects of product development, product partnerships, and strategy. He was also previously Head of Product at social analytics pioneer Simply Measured (acquired by Sprout Social), which he joined via its acquisition of Inside Social, a venture-backed social attribution startup where he was CEO and Co-Founder. A reformed financier, Brewster worked in equity sales and corporate finance before realising that zeroes and ones are way more interesting in code than financial models. A sought-after writer and speaker Brewster has been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, Inc, Digiday and presented at SXSW, Marketing Nation Summit, the Startup Marketing Conference among others. He is an active angel investor and startup advisor and a mentor for Techstars and Amazon Alexa accelerators. Brewster holds a B.A. magna cum laude in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics; and in Communication from the University of Pennsylvania. He is a Seattle native and is passionate about Seattle sports teams and contributing to the startup ecosystem there.


Julian Stank
Senior Solution Consultant

Julian Stank is an expert in digital marketing and programmatic advertising. At Adobe, he is a senior solution consultant focused on Adobe Audience Manager (DMP) and the Adobe Advertising Cloud (Search, DSP, Creative). In his role, he helps Adobe customers to realise the value of experience-technologies in data driven marketing. Previously, he worked as a senior account manager at Efficient Frontier (acquired by Adobe in 2012), consulting advertisers technically and strategically.




Jill Steinhour
Director Industry Strategy, High Tech and B2B

Jill joined Adobe Systems in June 2011 as Director of High-Tech and B2B Strategy. In this capacity, she defines Adobe’s Point of view and go-to-market strategy for the High-Tech and B2B. In this capacity Jill develops marketing thought leadership and works with top-tier brands providing guidance on digital transformation and marketing excellence topics.



Jim Stoklosa
Senior Product Manager

As Senior Product Manager for AEM Screens, Jim Stoklosa is responsible for managing and defining Adobe's digital signage platform and ensuring that marketers have a comprehensive tool to managing in-venue content. He leads a global engineering and business organisation focused on creating the industry's leading content authoring tool for digital signage networks. Stoklosa has also driven strategic connections between Adobe's Creative Cloud products, Adobe Experience Manager and third party technology partners. A thought leader in the digital signage space, Stoklosa regularly contributes to blogs and industry events about the importance of bringing dynamic, relevant content to in-venue networks.



Thierry Stortenbeker
Technical Partner Development Manager

Thierry Stortenbeker is a Technical Partner Development Manager within the Adobe’s Experience Cloud business, his role is to support Adobe’s partner in delivering digital transformations using the range of Adobe enterprise products specialising in AEM Forms. Prior to joining Adobe, Thierry had over 15 years’ experience of working with public sector organisations including HMRC, Welsh Government and the Ministry of Justice delivering solution using Adobe technology specifically AEM Forms and its predecessor Adobe LiveCycle.


Bruce Swann
Group Product Marketing Manager

Bruce Swann has more than 18 years of experience working with digital marketing disciplines like web analytics, social media, mobile marketing and email marketing, as well as marketing and CRM technologies, including marketing automation, predictive analytics and marketing resource management. At Adobe, Bruce is group product marketing manager for Adobe Campaign, focused on marketing and product strategy for cross-channel campaign management.




Ben Tepfer
Technical Evangelist for Microsoft

As the Technical Evangelist for Adobe’s partnership with Microsoft, Ben Tepfer evangelises the integrations between Microsoft technologies and all Adobe solutions across the Creative, Document, and Experience clouds globally. He spends his time building narratives around Adobe and Microsoft’s joint offerings and matching them to the individual needs of companies. Ben represents Adobe to the Microsoft field organisation and developer community talking about and demoing the Adobe Experience Platform as it relates to Adobe’s partnership with Microsoft. Ben engages with the broad Microsoft community of developers and drives excitement around our joint technologies through deep engagement with key Microsoft accounts as well as Adobe customers. Ben has been featured in publications such as Entrepreneur, Adweek, Cheddar, Huffington Post, VentureBeat, and MediaPost and speaks at prominent industry conferences such as &THEN Marketing Conference, Brand Marketers Summit, and Digital Pharma East.




Doan Than
Senior Solutions Consultant

Doan Than is an experienced technologist with over 10 years in the IT industry and is interested in the intersection between business and technology. Doan is interested in helping brands plan and achieve their marketing goals and to help them maximise their ROI using technology.



Alex Thiers
Product Manager, AEM Assets, Dynamic Media

Alex Thiers, product manager for Adobe’s Dynamic Media, has over 10 years of experience working with some of the biggest names in entertainment and retail to provide moving digital experiences at global scale. With a diverse background in audio engineering, creative project management and professional services, Alex has a passion for cutting-edge multimedia and how it supports a modern brand’s identity. 



James Trudgian
EMEA GTM Lead Microsoft Partnership

James Trudgian is the program manager for the Adobe & Microsoft partnership across EMEA. James is responsible for ensuring that customers and partners understand the value of Adobe’s strategic relationship with Microsoft and how this can help significantly improve their business from back office to front office and provide a seamless customer experience.

A digital veteran with more than 20 years of experience, James has a background in publishing, digital analytics and audience management for one of the UK’s largest media groups. James has been with Adobe for nearly four years and previously helped drive adoption of Audience Manager (Adobe’s DMP) across EMEA.




Jaap Trum
Senior Proof of Concept Solutions Consultant

Jaap Trum is part of Adobe's EMEA Proof of Concepting team where he utilises technical expertise to design and implement proof of concept cases using Adobe Campaign and the Adobe Experience Cloud. Together with his team, Jaap delivers compelling concept solutions that can accomplish the key objectives of customers and prospects.



Klaasjan Tukker
Director Product Management, Adobe Experience Cloud

As part of the product management team for Adobe Experience Platform, Klaasjan is responsible for key components as the platform's API-First approach, the underlying XDM-System and Experience Data Model as well as Developer Ecosystem. In this role he is working with strategic partners (ISVs, Agencies, System Integrators) to understand their requirements for Adobe Experience Platform and helps them on-board on Experience Platform. He has been working at Adobe for over 10 years in various customer and partner facing roles, has experience in product management, technical marketing and business operations.




Bart Van de Wiele
Senior Solution Consultant

As a Senior Solution Consultant, Bart shares his passion for design and Adobe technology on stages all around the world. Equipped with extensive knowledge of Adobe Creative Cloud's design products, he assists customers with their Adobe workflow, solution implementation and best practices. He's a design specialist with 16+ years of experience as a designer and trainer. His energetic style of presenting has awarded him with much praise throughout the years, including as an Adobe MAX Master presenter in three consecutive years.


Wouter Van Geluwe
Technical Evangelist, Adobe Experience Platform, EMEA

Organisations have never had access to more data, but doing something useful with that to improve the bottom line proves to be extremely difficult. Wouter’s specialty is showing organisations how to be truly customer-data-driven and he firmly believes that when you see the light and start listening to your customers through their behaviour, the impact on you and your company will be incredible.



Josh Van Tonder
Product Marketing Manager

Josh van Tonder is a group manager in the Adobe Experience Manager product marketing and strategy team. In this role, he works with customers to bring to life digital experiences that bridge the online and physical worlds.




Daniel Vivas
Product Manager

Daniel is a newcomer to Adobe. Since last summer Daniel has been working as a product manager on the Adobe Experience Platform Launch team. He started at Adobe after completing his MBA at Brigham young University. Daniel worked as a consultant with Microsoft before his MBA, since then he has transitioned to the product management side of the business. He's been working with the rest of team to deliver the best experience possible on Experience Platform Launch.



Umair Waheed
Data & AI Solution Sales

Umair has over 20 years of experience across data and analytics roles. He joined Microsoft around 10 years ago via an acquisition of a technology which now forms the basis of Azure SQL Data Warehouse. At Microsoft, Umair focusses on helping retail customers get the most out of their data by applying Microsoft’s broad portfolio of data products and services. Outside of work Umair dabbles in photography and ceramics.



Gabriel Walt
Product Manager

Product Manager for Web Experience Management at Adobe, Gabriel Walt is leading innovations in web technologies for Adobe Experience Manager Sites. He's responsible for features, like Core Components, Template Editor, Style System, Responsive Layout, and HTML Template Language (HTL). Gabriel Walt completed Interaction Design studies in Zurich (Switzerland) in 2006 and joined Adobe in 2009 as a developer. In 2013, he moved into product management to take part in driving the roadmap for AEM.




Kimen Warner
Director of Product Management, Adobe Target

Kimen has worked with Adobe Target almost since its inception. As head of product management, she defines the product vision with input from top customers. Before her product management roles, Kimen worked in technical consulting. She holds a B.S. in Product Design from Stanford University and lives in San Francisco.



Benedikt Wedenik
Professional Services Consultant – Analytics & Target

At Adobe, Ben is a consultant with a strong technical background from software engineering, focusing on Adobe Analytics and Adobe Target. This role involves engaging with clients who are interested in the Adobe Analytics technology, which typically requires working with client data from multiple sources and performing advanced analysis on data. Thanks to his experience as former software engineer, Ben helps Adobe's customers to plan and realise complex tracking solutions, as well as getting deep insights into the collected data. Ben joined Adobe in 2018 after over four years of software and data engineering expertise. He holds a MSc in Software Engineering & Internet Computing from the Vienna University of Technology. When not working, you can find him in the gym or in the kitchen, preparing some traditional Austrian dishes like the famous Wiener Schnitzel. Ben loves to travel and to be outdoors, especially when there is a chance to do some sports.


Asa Whillock
Director of Product – Adobe Experience Platform

Asa is director of Product for Adobe Experience Platform overseeing areas of Real-Time Profile, Unified Identity Service, and Privacy. His background includes founding Adobe Device Co-op, Adobe Primetime and Adobe Media Server. He is an Adobe Distinguished Inventor with more than 35 patents and a 2017 Adobe Founders Award winner. Asa lives in San Francisco and is a proud alumnus of UC Berkeley for engineering and business.



Rick Wichgers
Solutions Consultant
Magento, an Adobe company

Rick is part of the Magento Solutions consulting team in EMEA, based in Amsterdam. He consults on the Magento Commerce Suite of products at Adobe, helping both SMB and enterprise customers grow through flexible, innovative Omni-channel solutions.

His career started in sales and online marketing at the merchant side working for small and large retail companies. Prior to Adobe, Rick worked as Magento specialist for an e-commerce marketing agency, helping merchants of all sizes leverage their marketing and ecommerce ecosystem to grow their online business.



Byron Wijayawardena
Strategic Development Manager for Video

Byron Wijayawardena has worked as a creative director, independent filmmaker, professional editor and colourist. He has worked on everything from feature films, documentaries, music video to social media content production. He is a champion of digital literacy and believes that our storytelling tools should be simple enough for everyone to use and allow true creativity to blossom. He has recently joined Adobe as strategic development manager for Video and is passionate about enabling the next generation of storyteller with the most advanced content creation tools ever made.


Rupert Wills
Senior Solution Consultant

A passionate advocate of digital transformation advising customers on how they can get the most from their technology investment. Rupert has over 20 years’ experience helping companies improve the way they do business digitising processes across many industries including Finance, Pharmaceuticals, Government and Manufacturing.


Rob Wilson
Solution Consultant

More years than Rob cares to remember working with Content Management (CMS) products in roles from pre-sales solution consulting to development. This experience also encompasses other digital marketing technologies such as personalisation, e-commerce, multi-channel experiences and asset management.

Currently employed by Adobe as a solution consultant specialising in Adobe Experience Cloud, Adobe Marketing Cloud and Adobe Experience Manager CMS.



Marc Wiseler
Head of Solutions Consulting EMEA
Magento, an Adobe company

Marc has spent most of his career in the e-commerce industry and since 2012 he has been at Magento where he was responsible for both sales as well as solutions consulting teams. He has worked with some of the largest brands, retailers and manufacturers in Europe and the Middle East. His expertise also extends to order management and business intelligence tools.




Allan Witts
Senior Consultant

As a Senior Consultant, Allan Witts is responsible for helping Adobe’s clients to deploy their digital marketing solutions, with a primary focus on Audience Manager. Having started at Adobe over eight years ago in the advertising side of the business, before moving to audience management through the DMP, Allan has a wealth of industry experience from working with some of the largest companies in the UK from a wide range of industries, such as Media & Entertainment, Telecommunications, Banking, Technology and Consumer Goods. Allan now supports clients with setting up Audience Manager, providing technical solutions but also strategic recommendations to ensure Adobe’s clients realise maximum value from their solutions.




Roger Woods
Director, Mobile Product & Strategy

Roger owns the Adobe Experience Cloud mobile and orchestration product strategy. He also runs product management for Adobe Campaign real-time Triggered Journeys and is leading the strategy for journey management across Adobe Experience Cloud. Since joining Adobe over eight years ago, Roger launched Adobe Mobile services, an Adobe Experience Cloud core service, which transformed mobile app analytics, testing, targeting, geofencing, and messaging solutions, enabling Adobe customers to strengthen their mobile business. He works with many brands across all verticals to help create their mobile strategy and execute on their mobile initiatives. Roger is passionate about mobile marketing and has served on Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) and Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) workgroups to define mobile marketing standards and best practices. 

Roger's prior work experience includes 10 years at IBM within the Global Services product management team, driving major initiatives in IBM's cloud strategy. He was instrumental in helping transform traditional IBM software license-based businesses to a hosted, SaaS business model. 

Roger lives in Provo, UT with his wife and four children. When not working, Roger is an outdoor enthusiast and sports fan, spending time hiking with his family and participating in recreational sports leagues.




Nicolas Wu
Product Marketing, Adobe Target

Nicolas Wu is a product marketing manager for Adobe Target and provides data-driven insights to support the Target team's strategic marketing. He believes great experiences create positive customer conversations and unlimited possibilities for companies. Originally from Taiwan, Nicolas has an MBA degree from the University of Michigan and previously held sales manager positions in two of the top 10 multinational enterprise software companies.




Chao Zheng
Senior Solution Consultant

Chao is an early adopter and enthusiast of all things tech, and an expert in creating memorable digital experiences. His passion and curiosity for tech coupled with his business insight put him in a unique position to advise customers. With almost a decade of experience in digital he inspires organisations to adopt the latest technology to resolve their most pressing business problems. 

Prior to joining Adobe, Chao led many enterprise customers in Australia through their digital transformation by bridging the gap between IT and Business. Three years ago, Chao moved to the UK, living in his favourite city, London. He has since helped many Adobe customers become human-centric and deliver on their brand promises.


Tingting Zhu
Senior Solution Consultant

Tingting is a senior cloud solution consultant for Adobe Experience Cloud. She has spent many years in digital marketing space across wide range of solutions including web experience management, social analytics, enterprise search and the like. She is currently based in the United Kingdom