Preconference courses, brought to you by Adobe Digital Learning Services, are available either at an additional cost when you purchase a full conference pass or as a standalone purchase. Preconference training courses will be held prior to the conference on Tuesday 1 May and Wednesday 2 May.

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TWO-DAY COURSES (£1,100/1,300€)

This 2-day course is designed for Adobe Experience Manager Architects and Senior Developers to accelerate learning and understanding of recommended practices for AEM. Participants will gain knowledge of Adobe Experience Manager’s architecture design, migration methodologies and recommended practices and performance optimisation. Collaborative exercises will challenge the participants to drive the creation of solution designs and apply them to implementation walk-throughs with their peers.

In this course, you will learn how to create successful email marketing campaigns with email, SMS and direct mail deliveries and subscriptions. Using hands-on exercises, you will also create personalised campaigns, perform A/B testing, generate push notifications, manage subscriptions and marketing activities, import audience profiles and identify user roles and permissions.

Front-end development is changing in AEM. In this two-day course, you'll learn the new development paradigm with editable templates, core components, and the layout container. Gain a wide breadth of understanding - from the basics of front end development to properly leveraging the new practices to their fullest. This course will give you an overview on how to develop components for an emerging role in AEM, the template editor.

ONE-DAY COURSES (£550 / 650€)

This course, formerly known as 360-degree Personalisation, provides hands-on instruction for users interested in leveraging Adobe Analytics as the Reporting Source for Target (A4T) and the Adobe People core service in order to inform their optimisation activities using a more complete understanding of their visitors. Students will learn how to use Adobe Analytics reporting to analyse Target activities and the Adobe People core service (including Audiences and Customer Attributes) to achieve a complete, 360-degree understanding of their customers, regardless of channel, to drive more relevant experiences for better engagement and improved ROI. This course is suitable for all roles using Adobe Target Standard or Adobe Target Premium.

This 1-day course focuses on asset management in AEM. During this course, you’ll learn about DAM management including uploading, folder creation, collections, reviews, search and publishing. Assets authors will learn about the different tools that can integrate with AEM Assets including the AEM Desktop App, Marketing Cloud, Creative Cloud and brand portal.

This course is designed to introduce you to Adobe Analytics Workspace. You will learn how to navigate the reporting interface, create engaging reports to get answers to your business questions and configure reports for effective decision-making. This overview of Workspace is suitable for business analysts.

This course teaches ACS administrators and developers to develop advanced environment configurations. Through hands-on exercises, you will practice the skills needed to extend the data model, create custom resources, configure screens, import profile data, generate unique data and use filters that meet specific business needs. Finally, you will learn how to package your ACS environment to export and import into other environments.

This course intended for digital marketers, field marketing specialists and IT support staff who wish to understand the challenges of the Interaction module. Participants will learn about best practices in deploying a personalised offer catalogue while coherently managing communications and analysing their impact.

Develop Multilingual and Multinational Sites in Adobe Experience Manager is a one-day course, where you will learn to successfully support large and complex multinational and multilingual websites. This course will cover topics for site designers, administrators, authors and developers including planning and designing global websites to support different locales and languages, translation projects, translation configuration, language masters, source content, blueprints and live copies.

AEM sites discovery is a one-day, course that covers the authoring concepts of Adobe Experience Manager. In this course, you will learn how to create a rich and interactive user experience across all customer-facing touchpoints, starting from the creation of simple pages to more complex ones using static and dynamic templates together with the help of AEM digital Assets.


Two-day courses £1,100 / 1,300 €,
One-day courses £550 / 650 €



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